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Spirit Over Matter

It is the 34th week of the year, and the week to take action and move our personal "chariots" toward our goals, values, and decisions that support our highest destiny. Three is the number for Spirit, and four is the number for matter. Together, the 34 remind us to choose Spirit over Matter so that every choice we make will be in alignment with our greatest and highest intentions.

"We have to take a stand for something, or we will fall for everything." We each get to choose the direction we drive our personal chariots, or energy bodies. If we live our entire following the truths of others, we will never honor our own soul's expression. Earth is a school with various teachers. We have our families, friends, school teachers, and spiritual leaders that help us to answer questions we have about ourselves and this world we live in. At some point, we have to take a leap of faith. We have to have the willpower to receive all of the wisdom we have gained and apply it to our Divine purpose. If we never take that life jump, we will be forever dreaming about the life we have always wanted to live.

The Universe is precise. It is exact. There is not one thing out of place in this physical reality. If you feel a wind of change approaching you in your life, you are being presented with an opportunity to choose. Every living being has various cycles in life, including our different stages of growth. We have the blessing to choose positive change, to evolve, and to rise to new heights. This is a great gift from Spirit.

Creation was manifested in 6 days, and then there was a day to process, rest, and regroup. This was the seventh day, or Sabbath (3+4=7). This week represents the courage, faith, and self-Love we have for ourselves by following our own hearts. After we learn right from wrong, we have the chance to decide. Victory over our personal challenges and internal struggles comes in living our Truth and following our intuition. Each of us is a Light, and it is vital that we shine as brightly as we can.

Seven is a number for both Neptune and the energies of the shadow of the Moon. This means that water, our emotions, and our feelings are at the forefront of our daily choices and behaviors this week. In terms of moving our vessels forward toward our inner dreams and visions, our water bodies can create waves of destruction or smooth waters of healing. In our dualistic state of consciousness, we have tools available to us on how to create harmony or the exact opposite. A harmonious state of being manifests healing instead of karma, and provides support in becoming more non-reactive and neutral. We achieve this harmonious state of being through personal practices, repetition, and listening, observing, and paying attention. Neptune provides an opportunity to go deep into the inner waters of the subconscious mind to receive clarity and vision of the soul's Divine direction. This week is a great time to process the shifts and changes that are happening in your life in order to create a more clear direction moving forward.

Neptune is represented as the "tail of the dragon", or Ketu. It is shown as the South Node, or the "shadow" planet that swallows the Sun, causing an eclipse to occur. This has a deeper meaning of power, and can be looked at through the eyes of the Hindu philosophy. Ketu represents our karmic collections in all forms. It is our process of refinement or spiritual evolution. In this process, we experience great loss, pain, and heart break, but out of this arises a deeper connection to the God principle and a greater outlook and meaning of life itself. What transformations are taking place in your life right now? Have you been experiencing great pain and suffering? Perhaps this is the week to cultivate deeper inner strength and self-Love in order to take big and bold steps toward your most sacred dreams. Ketu can help us to emphasis all of the good that we can create. We only have to pull in the reigns of the dualistic mind in order to move toward those dreams. When we are willing to change, and we desire more happiness, health, and freedom, then it is worth the risks. The power has and will always be inside of each of us. The question is, are we are open to allowing the good to manifest by letting go of fear and stepping into a deeper level of self-Love?

The answer is YES!

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