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Spiritual Light & Dark...

Spiritual Light shines its rays my direction,

Helping me to understand without objection.

Shining on areas I couldn't see before,

Allowing me to look deeper and explore.

As bright and healing as the Light may be,

It is painfully difficult for me to see.

Those I had Loved and trusted so deeply,

Betrayed, lied, and cheated discreetly.

Sometimes these days feel very dark,

Illuminating a journey I'm about to embark.

With so much gratitude for the healing Light,

Exposing the pains darker than the night.

I am forced to change the way I live,

Creating new ways to receive and to give.

The Light days were some of the darkest times,

Taking me higher through difficult climbs.

With courage and Faith in the unseen forces,

Letting go as these shifts take their courses.

The Light will continue to carry me through,

The important job of a big life review.

At the end of the day happiness is up to me,

And the Light supports me to be all I can be.

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