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Strength For New Beginnings...

It's the 24th week of the year, and Venus' influence is heightening our sensitivities and self-Love right before the amazing New Moon Eclipse on the 10th. The New Moon is potent medicine for manifestation, and the Eclipse tops it off by opening a portal to a fresh start. This is a time when the Sun - the solar, masculine, active willpower - is hidden behind the Moon - the lunar, feminine, subconscious mind. Whatever we are really feeling inside will be validated by the signs and hints from the Universe during this time. We have the ultimate choice to follow the heart and live our true purpose, or to ignore the signs and inner signals and continue down a path that is not in alignment with our Truth. The Eclipse is a powerful energetic push toward the dreams that we hold deep within. Are you ready to claim your ultimate happiness? Now is the time to cultivate the courage to do what is in your best and highest good.

It is getting close to Solstice time, and the healing rays of the Sun are actively working to harmonize our bodies, hearts, and minds. This is a potent time for healing the past wounds and taking a pause in order to create a new beginning. Join us on Monday, June 21st for a Summer Solstice Celebration to support this powerful healing time of year. As one of the four most potent energetic times of the year, this is a great time to come together and amplify our intentions with wisdom, breath, sound, and movement. Mark your calendar, and we will see you on our RaMa Holistic Care facebook page for a live commUNITY experience.

Take the time to stop, breath, and connect with your intentions for new beginnings in your life. Happy New Moon! We send you our Love.

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