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Strength in Self-Understanding...

We made it through a very powerful Mercury Retrograde cycle with eclipses sprinkled in, and now we find ourselves with a greater understanding of the Truth. The Truth may set us free, but it is also sometimes hard to swallow. As we digest the Truths that the multi-verse has shared with us, we have the opportunity to take positive action in the direction of our creations. Thursday is a very powerful day because of the Strawberry Full Moon. This Full Moon is unlike any other, and it is said to be the most powerful Full Moon of the entire year. Things will take a sudden shift toward a greater destiny and higher good, and all of the struggles and challenges we went through will finally start to make sense. The cosmos has a plan to share that will bring a destiny far greater than the mind could ever create on its own.

Some call this Full Moon the "Honeymoon" because the color reflecting a more golden hue like honey. Whether it is strawberries or honey, the sweetness that she brings is enough to make us beg for more. This is a time of intuition, building psychic abilities, and creating from the dream. This Full Moon brings prosperity, positivity, and power. It comes during one of the four most powerful times of the year, and the Solstice is able to amplify the positive effects with the high-grade prana available to us to receive. Deep healing, passionate creations, and inner alchemy combine to manifest new beginnings that make us happy, healthy, and abundant. We just have to be open to letting go of what cannot be controlled within.

There is a fine line between fighting for what is right and letting go of challenging situations that are simply not worth the energy. When is enough, enough? Some say that the power of Loving unconditionally is stronger than ultimatums. There is no breaking point when it comes to something or someone you truly Love. Others say that no matter how much you Love a person or situation, sometimes the right thing to do is to let it go and set yourself free from the pain. If it returns one day, then it was meant to be. There are obvious situations that fit both of these ideas, and there are some times that we question what the right thing to do really is. When we tune in-ward and tune out-ward, we receive the guidance for the best and highest good decisions for all. While we are here together, why not make decisions that help others and support a healthier and more harmonized planet?

Love takes sacrifice, and our sacrifices are sometimes painful. When the greatest and highest good for all is the guiding force, then no matter what we decide to do, we have to trust that it is the right thing. Hindsight is 20-20, and one day all answers will be revealed. Until then, we have to go inward, listen, observe, and take the time to get to know ourselves on the deeper soul levels. Change manifests when there is true understanding, and when we understand ourselves, we understand God and the multi-verse. The true strengths that guide us toward our highest and greatest destiny come from getting to understand the Self and then falling in Love with the spirit. With the Body, Soul, and Spirit hold hands on this journey, we can truly achieve the greatest happiness and wellness. In the end, it is the quality of this sacred life that we will cherish, not the fleeting "things" that we have acquired along the way. Finding what truly matters and cherishing that each and every day is what life is all about.

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