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Strength is not physical mass or muscle size,

It doesn't come from beating someone and winning a prize.

Strength is the heart that endures for the greater good,

Growing and learning what has been misunderstood.

Humbly evolving each day from every life lesson,

Having faith that life unfolds the way it was always destined.

Tests and trials come in when feeling down and out,

Choosing Love is the water that makes all of the seeds start to sprout.

In every choice, we define our tomorrows and there-afters,

Understanding that the Love is all that truly matters.

Our strength is our endurance when the going gets tough,

Is like that sparkly gemstone found deep in the rough.

Strength is making the choices to rise up and out of the ash,

It's deciding that kindness and compassion are more valuable than cash.

Rising above the challenges that take one out of the present,

Moving through times that may feel lonely or unpleasant.

No storm lasts longer than one season,

Everything unfolds for a Divine reason.

Strength is the faith that sees right through the darkness,

Strength goes deep inside and heals the self through a catharsis.

Strength is being able to see when it's time to make a correction,

It always follows the heart when turning to a new direction.

Strength is seeing weaknesses as super hero traits,

Highlighting goodness by embracing that which illuminates.

Loving the self and finding strength in knowing the oneness is inside,

Loving each other by seeing the very best, and not trying to divide.

As our best selves we are the creators of a peace and Love so universal,

Waking up to the strength in knowing we can overcome any hurdle.

Together we sew seeds of beauty into the fabric of Light we're weaving,

Strength of mind and heart, we are always creating what we're believing.

It's time to create from the well of Love in our hearts,

Taking our souls back to the seed of the very start.

We exist to Love and our strengths expand in this vibration,

Embrace Love for the greater good of all of creation.

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