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The Year of the Ox...

What exactly is an Ox (plural is Oxen)? An Ox is defined as any cattle that is over four years old and trained to work. Usually this refers to castrated male bulls, but sometimes includes cows. They are trained from when they are young to work the farm.

2021 is the Year of the Ox in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. As a totem, Oxen represent strength, endurance, determination, power, stability, confidence, and fertility. The Ox is related to the Astrological sign of Taurus, which is an Earth sign, and corresponds to the Yang energy of action. This year offers the opportunity to be very productive, to plant new seeds, and to get the creativity juices flowing here on Earth. It is a year to let go of stubborn or rigid ways of thinking, and choose to expand in new and creative ways. At the same time, it is important this year to tap into the psyche and go deeper inward to explore the senses. We are going to benefit from not rushing through projects, but allowing the fertile ideas to develop in their natural timing. This is a year to be bold. go for what we want, and follow through with it to completion. We are all blessed to have amazing ideas, and when we accept the challenge to develop these ideas into physical tools to help ourselves, others, and the planet, then we have achieved true victory. Oxen remind us not to give up, to be patient, and to create work around what we Love the most.

Oxen also teach us that our hard work does not require boasting or looking for rewards. There is a sense of humility, as Oxen are very low-key, kind, logical, and earnest. They don't feel that they need to make a scene or give into reactive behavior. These amazing creatures are so large and powerful, and are trained to channel all of that energy into humbly serve others.

This is a year to use the mind to create new ways of BEing. We can create ways to live in service to others. As we reflect during these winter months of Universal Saturn Period, we have an opportunity to warm our hearts with our creative passions. This inner fire is a guiding Light in finding our true purpose of living. This is the year to transmute the shifts and changes from last year into magical angels that work toward a greater purpose. The changes that have been taking place on the planet are manifesting in order to support all of humanity in this conscious awakening. The heart is the center of these powerful shifts, and we are starting to remember how sacred life truly is. The lesson is to slow down, take deep breaths, enjoy sunrises and sunsets, have empowering conversations, focus on the good, and cultivate that inner passion of fire to help a greater cause. We have observed and learned how short life truly is, and all of the signs are in front of us to make positive changes in our personal lives as well as globally. Are you willing to give up some of your "conveniences" in order to help other beings on this planet to live freely? This is a time of great awakening. From the clothing we wear to the food that we choose to eat. There is nothing that we have to do to stay alive that includes the pain or suffering of another living being.

Meditate on who you are on this sacred planet, and use the strength of the Ox to guide you through your own personal transformations. By making positive changes, you are helping to support the greater shifts and transformations on the Earth. Each shift, every change, and the alchemical practice of transformation is what brings us closer to Unconditional Love while taking the energy out of our fears. In order to create the lives we have always dreamed of living, each of us has to simply live it.

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