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Universal Mercury Period - August 24th - October 14th

The Universal Mercury Period is a 52-day cycle of communication of all forms. It is a great time to study, write, read, speak, and sign agreements. Mercury is not a stable element, meaning there will be change associated with this energy. It is important to stay flexible and to always listen to the heart for guidance during this time.

Mercury supports advertisements and promotion for any business endeavor. Expression through journaling, adventuring outdoors to meet new people (with your mask on, of course), networking, and coming out to the world with a new idea are all favored by Mercury. Mercury works well with children, so this is a great time to establish a relationship with a younger relative or to negotiate with children in your own family. There is a hidden aspect of Mercury that holds the energy of deception, so make sure that you keep your valuables close and your eyes open. Mercury supports an active mind, so make sure to walk daily to ground those mental energies down to the feet. A powerful breath practice can be the best medicine during this cycle as well. Make sure to utilize the power of the mind to create what you want and do not feed the negativity of the dualistic mind. Positivity is our best friend and can support moving through any obstacle in life during this period and beyond. See the bigger picture and practice gratitude daily. The mind can support the most amazing creations when it is used properly.  

The Universal Mercury Period is a great time to connect to the public. In these pandemic times, it is great to network online and use the power of Zoom, social media, and other platforms to tap into the resources of people all over the world. Online shopping, finding great deals, and expanding a business deals are great to do with Mercury's support. Get out of the pandemic bubble and reach out to the world. This is the time to connect to old aquaintances, while expanding and making new connections, so open your mind and heart and step out of the "comfort zone".

  Call upon Archangel Michael, He who is like God - who gives intelligence and success.  Archangel Michael is the "great prince" who fights for all beings to have freedom and peace. Michael is the great messenger of God who comes into our lives during great times of transition to support our growth and encourage us to move from one phase of life to the next. He protects and fights for the power of Love, and is with us as we work to bring more Light and Love to this planet. Call upon Archangel Michael for protection and Light during challenging times.


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