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Universal Planetary Influence: Universal Moon Period - May 12th - July 2nd...

 The Universal Moon Period is a 52-day cycle of going inward, nurturing the spirit, and supporting community, family, and the general public. This is a time of "mothering" the self and the beings in your reality with Love. Emotions and intuition is amplified during this time, so being neutral and not reacting is important when dealing with others.

  The Moon is a changing energy that waxes and wanes each month. You may feel yourself fluctuating back and forth, so making a big decision is not the most beneficial thing to do during the Universal Moon Period. Instead, take care of the home, connect with family and friends, and spend time with babies and small children. Observe, listen, and take in the world around you while honing in on your intuitive faculties that will guide you throughout the year and your life. This is a powerful time to cultivate your astral body and work on dream time. Set intentions and use your imagination to create on the inside what you desire to create in the world. This watery, dreamy energy is a birthing ground for new ideas and inspiration of the heart.

This time period is great for taking short trips or completing small projects. This is NOT the time to start a new business or idea, but instead, dream and create in the unseen world what you will later manifest physically. Because of the energy of change, save your new projects for the Mercury or Jupiter Periods in order to have the best results. The one thing you can initiate during this time is a marriage proposal or Love relationship. Since the Moon is a nurturing and Loving force, relationships thrive on this energy and will be successful. Connect with animals and all living beings who are actively connected to the cycles of the Moon. Notice your emotions and don't get sucked into any internal drama. This is a time to stay neutral and practice taking life in with neutrality. Follow the lunar cycles and journal how you feel. Nurture yourself and send yourself extra Self-Love in these next 52 days. Cleanse, renew, and wash away what you no longer wish to engage with in your reality. You are the Loving and nurturing force that you have been waiting for in your life. Once you claim your self-Love, others will also honor you in this way.

  Call upon Archangel Gabriel, the Power of God, who bestows blessings of peace and harmony. Archangel Gabriel is known as a messenger and the angel of water. This energy can help support you in expanding your intuition and helping you to in cultivating your gift of prophecy. When you have a problem, you can call out to Archangel Gabriel for solutions and support in moving through obstacles. Utilize this energy to support you during dream time, and cultivating your astral body. Gabriel will continue to guide you toward truth and Love when you feel challenged or are lacking faith.

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