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Universal Planetary Period: Universal Moon Period May 12th - July 2nd...

The Universal Moon Period is a 52-day cycle that rules over our emotions and fluctuation. Since the Moon is constantly waxing and waning, this is an opportunity to be flexible and go with the flow of the natural tides in our lives.

Lunar energy is extremely intuitive and psychic. This is a time of year where our 6th Sense is heightened and we have access to the unseen and hidden feelings behind every behavior and action presented to us. The Moon rules over nurturing a marriage, family, the home, cooking, babies, and small children. This is a time to create a "home" with the Love and support of the heart.

Due to the dualistic nature of the Moon, watching the shifts and utilizing these changes within the month will help support you in navigating through her waters. The Waxing Moon (the New Moon until before it turns Full) is the best time to bring in and manifest what you want in your life. The Waning Moon (The Full Moon until before it turns New) is the best time to let go, get rid of, and surrender to what you want to release from your life. By flowing with these tides, you will have a more balanced experience in this time of change.

It is important to be flexible and not rigid. The Moon Period is a time to avoid arguments or confrontations. Be kind, gentle, and understanding with yourself and others. Things move slowly in water, so take your time and don't feel rushed. This may be a period where you are forced to slow down a bit. You can take this as a sign to take a short trip. The Moon Period is a time to nurture yourself and not overdo it.

Short trips, short plans, and no long-term beginnings... the Universal Moon Period works like the lunar cycles in that small energetic tides are favorable. This is not a good time to start a new job or project that will take longer that this 52-day cycle. Whatever you start in Moon Period, end in Moon Period. Wait to initiate long-term agreements until this period is over. Utilize the powerful surges of energy that allow for more short-term projects to be successful.

During this Universal Moon Period, men will get along better with women than men. Connect to the Divine feminine, enjoy the dance of duality, and bring in Love and kindness of the heart. This is a wonderful time to propose marriage.

Call upon Archangel Gabriel, the Power of God, who bestows blessings of peace and harmony. Archangel Gabriel sends the blessings of the heart and is known to help as a messenger of Love. She will support children, birth, and fertility when one needs support in these areas. When you are calling in the energies of peace and would like to be a channel for Love, call upon Archangel Gabriel to eliminate fear and strengthen the power to share messages of peace and harmony to the world.

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