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Universal Planetary Period: Universal Sun Period: March 21st - May 11th

The Universal Sun Period is a 52-day cycle that rules over the heart, Love, giving, and healing. The Universal Sun Period is the beginning of our "year" as we follow the balance of Light and dark and the Spring Equinox of new beginnings and seed planting. Saturn allowed us quiet time to till the soil and prepare our foundation for these new seeds that we are planting now.

Solar energy is life force and vitality, so this is a powerful time to heal the body and work on health and wellness through diet, exercise, meditation, and natural medicine. Due to the potent life force on the planet during this time, it is the best time to work on healing the body of any ailments and completing the cycles of dis-ease and unhappiness. Spending time exposing your spine, chest, and solar plexus to the morning Sun (before 10am) can be very beneficial. Think, feel, act, behave, and speak like the Sun so that everything that comes from you is healing.