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Universal Saturn Period: January 27th - March 20th

The Universal Saturn Period is a 52-day cycle of self-study. Saturn is the receptacle of the energies of the entire year, therefore, the karma that she delivers is based on who we were and what we did the year's past. If something isn't working or will never work, Saturn tends to teach this lesson in a very powerful way. Saturn also supports studying and concentration, as this is a great time to gain wisdom in order to have deep insights of understanding.

This period is a great time to take care of your health, as disturbances that manifest in the Universal Saturn Period tend to last a long time. This period is also the best time to get organized, create structure, and practice discipline. It is crucial to have a daily meditation practice and not skip a day. Saturn can feel restricting, almost like you are walking in concrete at times. Just practice patience, create moments of laughter and lightness to break the serious moods, and practice stillness.

This is not the best time to get married, start a new job, enter a new relationship, or begin any new endeavor. Saturn carries a weight with it that can cause more karmic experiences, so restrain from negative speech or actions. Stay focused on your spiritual practice and work on clearing out both energetic and financial debt from your life.

Saturn Period is the best time for connecting with the land, working the land, and even purchasing land or real estate. It is also a great time to work with the elderly, write a will, or prepare for the end of life. Old wise trees are wonderful to connect with at this time, as the wisdom from these ancient ones can truly be received during this time. Reflect, go inward, and prepare for the next coming year (starting at the Spring Equinox). The work you do now is like tilling the soil before planting new seeds, it can help you to have better health, more success, and much more joy in the end.

Call upon Archangel Tsaphkiel , The Contemplation of God - who bestows blessings of knowledge and understanding. True understanding is the result of the truths that are revealed over long periods of time. This Archangel has been said to be the keeper of the Akashic records, which hold the truths of all of creation, helping to reveal spiritual truths that increase understanding. Archangel Tsaphkiel represents the spiritual journey that can feel intense and scary, but makes us stronger over time. When seeking deeper meaning and understanding, invoke Archangel Tsaphkiel to support the process.

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