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Universal Venus Period (December 6th - January 26th)

   The Universal Venus Period is a 52-day cycle of  Love.  This is the most wonderful time of year to Love yourself up with self-care, rest, play, and anything that is fun.  The planet Venus rules over the arts, music, dance, social affairs, and romance.  During this time of year, going out, being social, and indulging in beauty is in perfect alignment with the energies present.  Spa days, massages, aromatherapy, aphrodisiacs, and other pleasure-enhancing experiences are encouraged.  As we know, the holidays are a time of big parties and celebrations, and looking good and having fun fit perfectly into any party plans you may have.

The creative planet, Venus, teaches us to feel our way around the Earth and connect with nature.  Venus is connected to the flowers and all of the beauty and sensuality of the natural world.  This is a great time to have fresh flowers in your home and to take long walks in nature, truly appreciating the artwork of the Creator.  This is the time of romance.  Whether you are hugging a tree or a Love mate, spreading Love and Joy is what this time of year is all about.  Don't be afraid to feel luxurious and treat yourself to what makes your heart, your head, and your body feel yummy.  Taking short trips, spending time with good friends, and celebrating the beauty of life is highly encouraged.  For men, this is the most auspicious time to ask a woman for anything you want.  She will be much more receptive during the Universal Venus time than any other time of year.  Go out on dates, propose marriage, or even get married during the Universal Venus Period to have the most positive energy follow you.  Enjoy your life, this time of year helps to enhance the beauty and Love that is available to you.  

   Call upon Archangel Hanael , The Grace of God - who bestows Love and Happiness.  Archangel Hanael helps one to find joy and pleasure in most every situation.  She supports the beauty that is manifested out of music, art, and harmonious relationships.  The gift of this powerful energy is to be able to infuse the Light of Spirit into everyday or ordinary matter.  When we feel, imagine, day-dream, or use our intuition, Archangel Hanael helps us to tap into the most beautiful energies, bringing us to "Victory" through the power of Love.  She is the archangel who leads us back to the Light through the doorway of a Loving heart.  Much like nature, when we have spiritual vision, we only serve to balance, reunite, and make whole anything that is in dis-harmony.  Invoke the energies of Archangel Hanael when you are desiring a more fulfilled, Loving, and balanced way of thinking, feeling, speaking, acting, and behaving, and call in more Love and Happiness to guide the sacred journey of life.

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