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Waning Moon Releasing...

Oceanside beaches are unique in that each season represents a new landscape. This last Full Moon was the game changer - moving all of the rocks on the beach below a large body of sand. The waves were bigger than we have seen in a long time, and the energy was in motion. We entered the 18th week of the year, the week of "The Moon" archetype in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The powerful force that moves our waters is the brilliant and powerful Moon in the sky. The Moon brings out the wild animal within, activates energy and movement, and stirs things up when she sheds Light upon the Earth. Everything hidden in the unseen spaces of the subconscious mind become brighter. The Moon strengthens our intuition and psychic abilities, while holding space for change and growth. The space opens to our visions and insights that reveal what truly makes the soul Light shine. This week we are open to receiving new levels of awareness that is shedding Light on what we truly need to let go of in order to support the journey ahead. She allows us to release the illusions, secrets, misunderstandings, un-forgiveness, and deceit in order to reflect the Light of the Sun for self-healing. She brings awareness and Love to the shadows that lurk in the night of the soul.

How did this Full Moon shed Light in your life these past two weeks? In honoring your soul, what are you willing to let go of, even though you may long to keep it close to you? The Moon can be the source of lunacy when duality becomes the main focus. Instead, utilize the gifts of adaptability and heightened senses to navigate toward the choices that support a more Loving and nurturing reality. This is the one life that we are blessed to experience here and now. There is no time to waste on following a path that limits your ability to shine your Light brightly. The Moon is the bridge between the Earth and the higher world. Have Faith in the strength of intuition and the connection between you and your soul. This is the week to tap into a higher frequency and shed the rest. Clean out, clear out, and check out of anything that is not resonating with Truth. Illuminating the heart's mission and higher path, this is the time to live your best life!


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