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Weekly Insights: Becoming Who We Have Always Been...

Daylight Savings has kicked in once again, and the cooler, darker moments in the day stand out as Fall takes front and center stage. The holiday season is approaching, and the energies are shifting around us and within us. What a perfect time to reflect on our lives, who we are, and how we allow ourselves to shift and flow in the sacred dance of life.

There are aspects of our lives that we have control over, and there are those areas we never will. Relationships with others are beyond who we are, and therefore out of our hands. We are both blessed and sometimes hindered by the people we surround ourselves with. Ultimately, we are the final say in what we accept or deny as an influence in our lives. What a gift that truly is! The one constant we have from one day to another is that we are who we are. The same is true for everyone we come into contact with. It has literally taken each of us our entire lives to become who we are. When we get closer to people, we seem to think that our influence can have a positive impact in one way or another. The reality is that change happens over time, and it happens with the desire to create real change from within. If someone has no desire to change, then no matter how amazing you are, you will never get them to change. We see this in intervention settings all of the time. The entire family, group of friends, and even fellow employees join together to speak from the heart with concern and Love. Ultimately, the behavior will continue after the intervention, unless the person is ready, willing, and wanting to create change.

Free will is the gift we have all been granted. We can use it to create the dreams in our hearts, we can use it to pursue our personal mission in life, and we can use it to give to the people and situations that are asking for it. It is all up to us. When someone is caring and Loving toward us, it is their choice to act that way and our choice to accept it. At the same time, when someone mistreats us or harms us in any way, they are telling us who they really are. When we accept that as okay, we are giving permission to not only them, but everyone else to treat us poorly. People will always be who they are. Our job is accepting the Truth they are offering us, and doing what we need to do for our highest and greatest good. When we make those choices, they may feel difficult at the time, but they get easier the more we choose self-Love. Soon enough, those low frequencies stay clear of the high vibrations we are giving off.

If something in life is creating pain and unhappiness, we must intervene and take inventory of what is working and what isn't. We cannot blame anyone else for the choices we make. Staying in abusive, unhappy, or neglectful relationships is our own choice. Therefore, being happy or unhappy is also our own choice. It's not someone else's fault if we continue to show up and receive negativity and darkness on our own free will. These are mini-contracts that bind us by our actions and choices. In the same sense, we don't have to become cruel, mean, or abusive just because someone else is. The world is here to teach us how to foster our own growth, it is not here to change us into something we are not. Be authentic, stay true to who you are, and hold onto your personal values. Are you choosing happiness or pain? This is a wonderful week to make a choice toward Self-Love!

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