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Weekly Insights: Cold Flu Moon

This week blesses us with another Full Moon, and this is one called the Cold Full Moon because of the freezing winter nights that it illuminates this season. We have entered the time of hibernation, inner reflection, and slowing down to enjoy the season of celebration and laughter. The cold acts like the freezer to store up the energy that will be used in the Spring time. This Full Moon has the aspects of Jupiter and Venus as planetary influences, bringing us good luck and happiness. The sacrifice of this time comes in finding harmony in relationships that bring challenges. The best meditation for this time of year is to breath in gratitude deeply and exhale forgiveness completely. When you feel stress or anxiety, go back to the breath with Loving intent. This is a living prayer that will lift you above the challenge in order to stay present. Presence and awareness are the keys to permanent healing.

The winter months of darkness align to our inner visions. There is the noise that inundates us 24-7 from the outer world, and there is the voice from within. There are the visible signs we see with our eyes on the roads we travel, and there is the inner eye that sees beyond what is physical. This is the season to allow the inner sight, or insight, to guide the way. This is the time to strengthen the relationship between the mind, the heart, and the spirit. It is an inside job, and the more the outer world becomes quiet, we can hear the voice of guidance and see the vision of our destiny. Trust that inner guidance over anything and anyone that comes to you to try and convince you that you don't know what is best for you. The Truth is that only YOU will ever know what is best for you.

Enjoy this powerful Full Moon, and allow yourself the stillness needed to get the internal questions answered. Rest, relax, and celebrate this holy and sacred time of life. As we put to sleep the active principle, we awaken the passive principle. This means that by allowing ourselves to rest and be still, we give power to the inner magician that creates beauty and harmony through the imagination. This is the foundation for fertile soil that will one day grow the most bountiful crops. Nurture, water, and care for yourself in these sacred times. 'Tis the season to be joyful!

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