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Weekly Insights: Energy, Intention, & Harmony...

Each of us goes through our own life lessons and the Universe has just the right thing for us to individually experience so that we can learn, grow, and become who we were destined to be. Through our relationships with ourselves and each other in Love, business, family, or simply living in society, we affect one another with the choices that we make. We have our own energetic force fields, and we also have our collective frequency. These powerful encounters result in harmonious energies, or they collide with one another to create change. Either way, it's just that - energy. It may look like Love, kindness, and compassion, or it could look like chaos, injustice, and war. It is a lesson in our lives much like the wind or weather conditions can be to a plant. Depending on our inner strength and foundation, we either weather the storm or we succumb to the fate that the struggle manifests. In the mind, we can hold on to our painful past and wear away our immunity through stress, heart-break, and negative thoughts and beliefs, losing faith in what is good and hope in what could be. We can also simply allow these things to slide off of us, not holding on to any of it and seeing the blessings in everything. We get to decide how deeply we will allow an outer force to penetrate our energy fields. This can sometimes determine life verses death, health verses illness, and happiness verses depression. Energy truly follows intention. When you have been wronged by someone you trusted, betrayed by someone you Love, or hurt by someone you have depended on, how do you process your feelings? Is it healthy, productive, and beneficial to you and the situation, or not?

Each of us has at least one betrayal of trust experience at some point in life. We all go through this deeply painful life teaching. What separates us is our reaction to it. Looking inward, we can see if there is something in the heart that feels unsettling. We may be questioning ourselves and wondering how we could've changed the outcome by acting differently. These questions come up during Mercury Retrograde, in Eclipse Season, and in the Universal Sun Period of personal healing and transformation. We are in some deep and powerful times for inner alchemy. This is a great time to decide who we really want to be, and take steps in the direction of this inner Truth. We are always becoming. This precious gift we call life is such a treasured blessing that it is worth the time, energy, and work it takes to understand who we are and what we desire to be in this world. So how can we move through the most painful and difficult circumstances and find happiness?

We have both been through the betrayal lesson with people we have Loved and trusted, and it changed our lives. What we learned is that being able to talk about it is the first step to healing. Even with restraints from lawyers or negative people, it is important to have an outlet of trust where we can be honest, upfront, and confrontational with what we have experienced. When we are silenced from the Truth, our story just carries it's lesson forward until it can be assimilated. We believe that letting these people go was also very important in the healing process. Once someone has shown you who they are, you have to believe them. Forgiveness is an inside job that ultimately helps us let go of the past, but it doesn't excuse the behavior or make it go away. Our ability to come to terms with what happened and who did it is part of the acceptance aspect. It's not about forgetting it happened, but instead it's about learning from the experience and avoiding repeating the same mistake twice. Since all people are so different, we could never be responsible for managing other people's actions and behaviors, let alone try to change someone's mind into "doing the right thing" and living virtuously. There are so many good and real people in the world. Lean on the real relationships that have proven themselves through action over time. Finally, learning the deeper life lesson is key. There is a gift to receive from every painful tragedy. When we have that "aha" moment during a life lesson, it can be extremely grounding and healing. Hindsight is always 20/20, and if we can't see it now, there will be a point when we will be able to understand why that tragedy had to happen, and therefore never need to re-live it again.

When we allow ourselves to go through the various emotions we are feeling, talk them out and release the pain, forgive ourselves and those who have betrayed us, detach from those who don't care or respect us enough to treat us with kindness, and take a step back to see the bigger picture and the greater lesson, then we have a better chance of moving forward in our lives to find happiness, joy, and the ability to Love and trust once again. It is possible, and it will take effort and emotional work to get there when it matters to us enough. What is the intention? Energy and effort will follow this simple answer. When the intention is Love and the greater good for all, then we could never go wrong. Clear the past and focus on creating a life of Love. This is what our planet needs to survive this age, and the power of Love can overcome all imbalances in order to restore harmony of mind, heart, body, and spirit. It's never too late, and the best time to start is when we begin!

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