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Weekly Insights: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Blessings...

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a major energetic game changer this week. It is a time for all of us to take the helping hand of the cosmos and allow some major changes to take place. Because it is a Lunar Eclipse instead of a Solar Eclipse, it highlights the emotions, or the water body, in us all. Can you feel any emotions running high this week??? The Moon has a dark side that we never see, so this also signifies secrets revealed. There is a hidden aspect that each of us will have to learn about in order to have more clarity in moving forward. The Full Moon is a culmination of the past two weeks and other moon cycles that presented an opportunity to Lighten up or let go in some way. Whatever we decide to do, it is only needed if we are feeling a disconnect from our joy, inner spiritual awakening, personal flow, and purpose. This can happen when we are too attached to one outcome or way, instead of being fluid to live in the moment that is always changing. Whatever changes present themselves on personal, national, or global levels, not everyone is going to get "their way". It is a life school we are attending, and like every class we participate in, there is an opportunity to learn something. In order to transform, each of us has to accept the crystallization that occurs when the caterpillar becomes the butterfly. Once we pray for the highest and greatest good for all beings, we have to also let go of what we think that should look like. Enjoy each moment, stop fighting what is or what wants to be, and keep praying for and envisioning the grace of the Light upon the Earth. May all beings everywhere be healthy and happy, and may my thoughts, feelings, actions, and words help to manifest that.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu


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