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Weekly Insights: Full Moon of Purpose & Determination...

The Full Moon bring ideas and energies to a head, while Aries offers a fiery, passionate, high frequency vibration to help us have the courage to let go of what might be in the way of our health, happiness and success. This entire month, and now this Full Moon, have brought us vitality and strength to take positive action toward our purpose. Now we face another Full Moon opportunity to clear the areas that have been discovered as obstacles in the way of our progress. The more awareness we bring and clearing we do, the better we can see where we are headed and make course corrections to help us stay on our path.

Each of us has our work set for the journey we strive to go on in order to meet our goals and aspirations. There are times that the work can feel daunting or we can feel overwhelmed by the endeavors we have chosen to take on. Procrastination takes a hold of our consciousness, and suddenly we have a million different "little jobs" that have become more important than our big goals. Don't get me wrong, sometimes taking a little break from a bigger project in order to complete a smaller one can help to instill peace and calm and create more motivation to complete what really needs to be done. However, there are times that we deprioritize ourselves for things that are not as important in avoidance of the hard work that needs to be done for health, success, and happiness. We do it with important areas like our annual taxes, among other daunting tasks, that require our time and attention. The Full Moon in Aries shines a light on these areas. We have the opportunity to renew our faith in the self and the ability to let go of the excuses, habits, and perceptions that are in the way of the pursuit of our greatest dreams.

Since Mars is behind the astrological sign of Aries, the emotions of frustration, anger, irritation, and hot headedness may peak their dirty heads to help bring these things to the surface for us more quickly. The choice is always there to work toward the passion or veer away to help support others to fulfill theirs. There is no wrong way to do it, but if anger and frustration are the daily emotions to surface, then it is time to re-examine the journey and possibly make a course correction. Either way, this is the time to claim our life purpose and release whatever is in the way of making that magic happen. Are you ready to claim your good? A great start is with the power of the Full Moon & the practice of letting go. Nothing is more helpful than a clear pathway toward that which we Love the most. We only have to Love ourselves enough to take that leap of faith.

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