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Weekly Insights: Full Wolf Moon...

Monday's Full Wolf Moon in Cancer brought out the inner world of emotion, feeling, and desire. These energies are intensified at this time in order to bring about positive change. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and the Moon spotlights family, the home, and community, as well as intuition, psychic premonitions, compassion, empathy, and the shadows that hide inside the mind and heart. The duality of the Moon allows us to appreciate both sides of who we are. These two sides of us sometimes get along and other times go to battle. As we get to know ourselves deeper, we can start to recognize when the angel in us is guiding the way or when we have allowed the darkness to take charge.

It is winter season and two weeks of waning moon supports a purging of heavy-weighted emotions. This is the last week of the Universal Venus Period, and Mercury is Retrograde. This is a reminder that harmony manifests with resolution of the past and through clear communication with our hearts. As we reflect inwardly, we can hear both the voices of the thoughts and feelings that are in discord as well as those that are in harmony. Through conversations and actions, we are able to tend to any strained inner feelings and revisit those blocked areas in order to bring deeper healing and understanding. Honesty, Love, and Compassion are the tools to guide us out of the shadows and illuminate the Love in our hearts. This Love gets stronger and stronger when we practice it, much like a muscle in the body. Whatever we want to be, we have to practice BEing that every day until it becomes second nature.