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Weekly Insights: Harmony & Self-Care...

This week we are blessed to have Venus enter the picture to support balance and harmony in all areas of our lives. For being a year of rebirthing out of the pandemic, 2022 has already had its fair share of storms. We have wars internally, we have wars externally, and we have major consciousness shifts happening between them. With every dark event we witness, there is a Light-filled harmonizing element to counter it. This happens whether we get to see it unfold or not. One step at a time, we are birthing out of the cacoons that we have been engulfed in, while learning how to navigate with a new pair of wings that we never had before. There are new ways to live now that didn't exist before. There are new opportunities to live authentically and let go of unhealthy attachments that were never available before. At the same time, the energies of old world and limited ways of being are grasping on for life. Those who struggle letting go are the ones who feel the weight of the pull. Unattached and free of worry or fear, those new wings will have power to propel us to worlds we never thought were possible in this lifetime. We are here to be reminded that Heaven really is a place on Earth. There is no destination to embrace except for the here and now. This is where we create our magic - in the gift of the present moment.

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