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Weekly Insights: Healing Life Cycles...

Cycles are historic logs of the phases of life as well as the lessons that we have chosen during various stages of our consciousness. People live emotional cycles, the Earth survives on physical cycles, and all living beings experience various ups and downs that can be measured over the years. We are born into some cycles, we choose some on our own, and some happen to us in order for us to grow and learn. Some cycles in our lives are very healing, others are educational, and some are painful and can leave scars for the rest of our lives. The purpose of most any cycle, and the thing that ties them all together, is that there is contrast between the yin and the yang, the dark and the Light, and the highs and the lows. In most cycles, energy is revealed, broken down, released, and harmonized. We see this in the Earth with the elements. We also see it in our lives, as we reveal who we really are over time, process what has happened, forgive and release pain or trauma, and find deeper purpose and meaning for living.

Each of us is limitless in our own possibilities when we believe we are. Whether we are up high on top of the world, or we are at our rock bottom and alone to process the painful truths that we need to learn, it is all part of the beauty we call the "human experience". Cycles are viewed by our personal perspectives at the time they are occurring, and they can reveal deeper lessons when we look back at various points of our lives. What is most important within any cycle is that we get to choose what, who, where, and how we live - within the life limitations that we have.

It is not always up to us on how long we spend in each cycle. Just like the seasons repeat annually, some cycles we flow through repeat over and over again until they are no longer necessary. When it is good, energy is moving us toward our greatest and highest dreams and goals. When it is challenging, energy is sometimes pulling on us and stretching us to change or to fight for what we believe in. No matter what, we are still moving forward. Even when everything may come to a stop, change dramatically, or expand into something greater, it is teaching us a valuable lesson. Nothing can be lost when we are living life with our eyes and ears open to learning. There is always something to see, to hear, to understand, or to reflect upon when we are willing to receive.

So, how can we best move through these various cycles in our lives? Gratitude is the winning attitude. Whatever life is throwing our way, we can be grateful for that experience. Each phase of life is a blink away from the next, and if we aren't careful we might always be looking ahead and never fully living in the present moment. Being grateful for what has showed up at every corner helps to ensure we never take anything for granted. Keeping things as Light as possible, we are able to shine our hearts on the good that is manifesting. When looking through the lens of gratitude, we are best able to understand ourselves, make Light of dark times, and see the humor in every experience. When we choose to stop fighting against change, and we embrace whatever shows up, then we are less stressed, experience less anxiety, and more able to extract the good.

Remember that life is about change. Change is the only constant in life, therefore, stop fighting against it, trust the process, and stay honest and true to the Self. Each of us has a tribe around us that believes in us and Loves us without condition. Those are the people to lean on during the most challenging and dark times in life. We have to know who to go to when we have lost all Hope. It is important to have life lines in our lives, and it is equally important to become a life line for someone important to us. Humans can get through the most atrocious of times when they feel supported and have a network of Love. Asking for help can mean life vs death sometimes, and we have to find the strength to reach out when we need to.

No one can escape the cycles of life, but we can certainly bring a positive attitude, network of support, and gratitude with us to make the journey Lighter. Life lessons are priceless and unique to each one of us. We learn what we draw into our lives to grow from. It is hard to believe that some aspect of who we are could possible bring in such enormous challenges at times, but if we weren't strong enough to handle them, then they wouldn't appear. The journey of life may be treacherous, and there may be pot holes and trenches to trick us into falling along the way, but there are also sunrises and sunsets, rainbows and snowflakes, and forms of life that we Love and that Love us back equally. Focus on those wonderful life blessings, and allow the challenges to educate and teach the way toward a greater capacity to do and be what is meant for us. Life is a beautiful dream, so create the magic and don't allow challenging times get in the way of achieving your vision. There are no limits to what you can be, create, and achieve in life. Have Faith and carry on!

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