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Weekly Insights: Inner Peace Equates To World Peace...

Our "thoughts and prayers" have been peace-driven these days. Peace on Earth sounds so amazing... but is it possible? Talking to a self-hypnotist this past week, yes it is! Before we can ever work toward peace on a global scale, we must first be able to create inner peace. It sounds so easy, but sometimes it is the hardest thing to achieve. Why? Because when life goes awry and challenging situations occur, it sometimes may take a little time to find our center again. Like a tornado hitting the land, we have to pick up the broken pieces and clean up the mess that it made once it's over. When we have a daily forgiveness or other spiritual practice in place, then we have an opportunity to move through painful situations while keeping our hearts open. Without healing support, then we might hold onto those old stories inside of us for the rest of our lives. There may be times in our lives that certain people or situations bring up those old wounds and expose them to the surface once again. If we haven't done any work in those areas, then a new flame can be set afire and burn everything down in the process. Are we going to decide to be the walking wounded or the empowered & healing? One road leads to more pain and suffering, while the other directs us toward a more compassionate, understanding, and strengthening route. There is no wrong or right way, it all depends on what we wish to see in our outer world. Since the inner world reflects the outer world, we are responsible for creating the reality we wish by living it right now for ourselves.

When discussing the topic of moving forward in life in a more healthy and productive way, I learned a lot from the topic of self-hypnotism. In the healing world of self-care, using deep breathing and mindfulness, we are able to transport ourselves back to the parts of our lives that occurred right before our "trauma" or "wound" began. Facing the "me" of the past, we can Lovingly advise and explain to ourselves that we are safe, that all will be okay no matter what is about to happen. We WILL live on to be happy and healthy no matter what. This self-talk to our "past" self can help rewrite our destiny. Practices like this can become new ways to heal past wounds that have the power to change the course of our lives forever.

Inner peace births outer peace. If and when we truly desire peace, then we will decide to work inside first. Before we can go blaming others, we have heal ourselves. Are we taking care of ourselves in diet, exercise, Love, work, play, and responsibilities? Are we holding ourselves accountable for showing up in the world the way we hope others do? Are we living our Truth? Are we connecting with the natural world every day in some way? Are we living in the present, or are we stuck in the past? These questions hold the destiny of not only ourselves, but for the entire planet. Once we realize that the way we feel inside affects the energies around us, then we can create our realities from a different perspective. The quote, "Think locally, live globally" takes on entire new meaning. We are all responsible for the reality we see. There is no one to blame outside of ourselves. We are the peace we wish to see in the world, so we aught to start creating it from within if we haven't already.

Ok, so what do we need to do to help ourselves cultivate more peace? First and foremost, we have to live our Truth and we have to live in the present. Through meditation, breath work, self-care, self-Love, Truth, and positivity, anything is possible. These concepts sound so simple, but they each hold a power that reminds us who we really are. When we are stuck in the past or in a negative cycle, the breath is short and quick, we are out of sync with our daily meditations, we are not exercising or eating right, we have lost the zest for self-Love and acceptance, we become too inwardly focused, we believe in false low frequency thoughts, and we are in our negative mind. These all work to take us down, when the Truth is that we can shift it all with one single thought or feeling. The mind and heart are so powerful, and our energy can move and shift with physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual acts. Every small act toward our happiness is a gift to our spirit, and every small act of service shares that gift with others. It is too easy to forget that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. What are we doing regularly to keep ourselves in a good place? When we really care about world peace, then we make the effort to create it within. The worst things we can do for the world are to worry, be fearful, dwell in our pain, focus on our challenges, not pursue our dreams, and give energy to our problems. The best things we can do are to forgive, let go, see the best, take three deep breaths before acting, live in Truth, share our Love with others, and take time to be quietly still in order to really listen. Each of us in our highest and greatest expressions birth more Love and Light on Earth. It is never too late to start anew. The planet and every living being needs us, so what are we waiting for? The time for world peace through our own personal inner peace is NOW!

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