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Weekly Insights: Interconnected and Mutually Respected...

When I am kind to you, I am kind to myself at the same time. As the boomerang goes out one way, it always returns home on the same path. There is a record of everything said and done, so living consciously and purposefully allows the playback to bless and unite instead of harm and destroy. Many people have died and came back to life, only to report that life is so simple and humans complicate everything. The true meaning of life, they say, is to Love the self and others. It is in our minds that we create both dreams and dis-eases. So how can our interconnectedness serve the greater good and the higher path?

As living beings, we are told that our hearts are wrapped in a fabric made from the heavens, and ultimately from Love. We are promised that there will be a hidden force directing us when we ask for guidance and hold Faith in our hearts. Then we get caught up in a life filled with schedules and appointments and find ourselves questioning the journey. How do we balance this yearning for more and the need to be present? A ritual at the Light of dawn is a powerful way to set the day. It is so important to connect to our interconnectedness - it is what fuels our living dream and allows us to manifest anything and everything we could ever imagine.

The answer to this "bigger picture" lies in the surrender. We can surrender to the lessons that are presenting themselves or we can fight them, kicking and screaming. Either way, the lesson is there to be learned and will not give up until the mission has been accomplished. We can surrender to the fact that nothing is done by chance and everything is on purpose, interconnected, and an act of God - or not - that is our choice. No one said life would be easy, but all of the wise souls who have incarnated do say that we live in a school where the mind of the Infinite is revealed in every soul and every life on and off the planet. We are literally living in a great web, where something happens on a star one billion light years away, and we experience a shift that is equivalent in our reality. Woven together like a sweater, one tug in a direction causes the entire fabric to bend. We cannot act without affecting the entire multiverse.

It is hard to fight, to want to dominate, or to be in competition when you believe that something is part of you. When the belief is in the separation of you and me, it is easy to judge, discriminate, and reject it in order to allow the ego to grow and feel safe. Security is a funny thing, and there is a subconscious trigger when a living being believes its security is being jeopardized. This is why unity consciousness is such a healing concept. We preserve what we Love, and we sacrifice what we are separated from. Do you believe in your heart that we are interconnected? If not, listen to a band play together and watch the music magically invoke big e-motions and energy that moves and grooves you. This is interconnectedness at play. Love teaches us about our ability to Love something beyond the Self. We learn this by being together. We learn this through the harmony and rhythm of our own beating heart.

Music is one of our greatest teachers. Music teaches us that only in the separate coming together as one that we find harmony. Different notes, different instruments, different beliefs, different likes and dislikes...all working together... imagine that! If you cannot understand this or feel it in your life, just listen to a song. That song is it - it is the multiverse in effect!

Speaking of music...we will be playing music this weekend in Big Bear! We have three more discounted tickets to the Big Bear Yoga Festival. We will be playing music and bringing harmony and our Love to the festival to share in a movement class and a concert. Let us join together and celebrate our aliveness and togetherness. Should you feel called to join us, go HERE and register today. We look forward to meeting at the harmony, in the note, and on the jam... with YOU very soon!

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