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Weekly Insights: Interconnected and Mutually Respected...

When I am kind to you, I am kind to myself at the same time. As the boomerang goes out one way, it always returns home on the same path. There is a record of everything said and done, so living consciously and purposefully allows the playback to bless and unite instead of harm and destroy. Many people have died and came back to life, only to report that life is so simple and humans complicate everything. The true meaning of life, they say, is to Love the self and others. It is in our minds that we create both dreams and dis-eases. So how can our interconnectedness serve the greater good and the higher path?

As living beings, we are told that our hearts are wrapped in a fabric made from the heavens, and ultimately from Love. We are promised that there will be a hidden force directing us when we ask for guidance and hold Faith in our hearts. Then we get caught up in a life filled with schedules and appointments and find ourselves questioning the journey. How do we balance this yearning for more and the need to be present? A ritual at the Light of dawn is a powerful way to set the day. It is so important to connect to our interconnectedness - it is what fuels our living dream and allows us to manifest anything and everything we could ever imagine.