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Weekly Insights: Inward, Outward, or Somewhere Between?...

We recently watched a documentary on the deepest trenches of the ocean. Seven miles below the sea marks the deepest depths of the planet, where many living beings exist that we have yet to discover and learn more about. How is this possible? It was made clear that we have traveled out to the Moon and beyond as humans, but we have not explored the inner realms of our own planet. This got us talking about the correlation this has to human nature. It is so much easier to distract ourselves with the social network and problems around us than it is to spend that same amount of time working on our own inner network and issues that are crying out for resolution and peace in our lives. Some people hear this and say, "So what? What's the problem with exploring the universe and seeing what's out there?" When we have a deep understanding of who we are and what we need to work on, then we approach our outer world more calm, centered, and neutral. This helps us to attract and create more harmony. When we have not explored our own inner world, then we become less effective, less grounded, and less empowered overall.

The greatest problems on the planet come from the dishonest, narcissistic, selfish, greedy, and imbalanced people with power. Why? The issues that cause people to become these traits have never been addressed or resolved. There is inner work to be done, but the soul is avoiding this vital step in the cycle of growth and transformation. When we have had abuse, neglect, trauma, or some kind of past that has left a scar on the mind, the heart, or the physical body, we will continue the cycle of pain until we get ourselves help. By not addressing our personal scars, we are out of balance, and our decisions, creations, and leadership will always reflect what is going on inside of us. When we talk about the major problems humans face in the world, we can look to the imbalance in the humans, including ourselves, to find the cracks and broken pieces that have been the seeds of the destruction over time. Imbalance at the top births imbalance all the way to the bottom. For each of us individually, this starts in our own mind, moves through our hearts, and then trickles into our bodies and daily realities. The greatest gift we can share with ourselves and others, as well as with the planet itself, is to forgive, heal, and find harmony in the areas that it have been lost. Without doing this work, we will continue to cycle through pain, suffering, and struggle until we wake up to our part in our healing journey. We can't even start to create fundamental shifts in our global problems until we work on ourselves individually.

We write this blog on Bob Marley's birthday. Bob talked all about injustice, and these same injustices still exist today. "As long as there are first class and second class citizens of every nation..." he talks all about how we have separated ourselves from each other. There are casts, income levels, classes of power and influence, etc. Some of the most intelligent, gifted, talented humans are sometimes pushed aside for an agenda that does not have the greatest good in mind for humanity. This is what we are seeing during the final stages of the Kali Yuga (Dark Ages). At the same time, there are incredible humans doing incredible things and inventing new ways to live in harmony with one another and the planet. One by one, we are waking up to a more peaceful way of existing together. The growing pains are what we see in our realities today. As things are exactly how they should be right here and now, it is no where close to where we can and should be. The greatest gift we can offer one another and the planet is to work on ourselves deeply. This means taking time to listen to ourselves and hear the inner voice that is calling out for attention. We have to learn to cultivate the courage to forgive those who have betrayed and/or wronged us or the people we Love the most. It is our duty to let go of the past and anxiety for the future in order to be completely present in the here and now. These gifts that we work hard to share with ourselves are actually blessings for the planet and for all forms of life. When we have inner peace, we see outer peace in our realities. May we each have the courage to heal from the inside out, and may we choose Love today and always. Happy New Moon!

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