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Weekly Insights: It Takes Two To Tango...

We all have relationship vibrations that click and those that repel. We have people in our lives that feel like home, while others can feel like war. Every relationship has a frequency that exists to teach us the rainbow of beauty that makes up the world. Some are considered to be healing for us, while others are destructive and can even be harmful. We have had experiences in our families, spiritual communities, and work experiences with all of these types of relationships. The answer to how to deal with so many relationship dynamics lives in our ability to do what is best for us individually. We may not be able to "control" other people, how they feel, what they think, or how they act, but we can control our space, how we choose to live, and what we choose to do when a challenging situation enters our field. In order to be bullied, annoyed, pestered, or agitated, we have to have engaged with the other person. It takes two people to argue or fight with one another. Once one of them is removed, then there is nothing to push up against, and the energy is diffused. The best way to win an argument is to disengage and not participate.

We have one life to live, and this life and every breath we take are the greatest blessings we have. Why on Earth would we waste another second arguing with someone who is simply trying to bring us down? That is a choice, not a requirement. The best thing to do is to walk away. There is nothing to explain to anyone else. There is no fight to win when the person you are fighting with only wants to get you to fight with them. By engaging in an argument with an antagonist or a narcissist, we are only getting dragged into their drama and giving them more ammunition to use against us. Most of the time, the person instigating the argument has no problem with us, but instead simply needs to release their negativity on someone - and we happen to be the ones in that moment. Ignoring a negative person will never escalate the situation. Instead, it will give them nothing to fight against. There is grace in silence. You can feel something without having to express it in a hostile situation, but instead express it through journaling, talking, or creating artwork or anything to release what is inside. The key is to use our energy in ways that build us up, while letting go of the weight that wants to bring us down.

The Truth is only important to those who value it. When you feel backed up against someone who is spreading mistruths, the best thing to do is to walk away. We don't need to feed the lies that circulate with arguments or by engaging in fights. Someone may have been saying things about us, but if the statements are not true, we are not responsible for policing who believes the Truth and who doesn't. Policing is an act that takes away from our flow and high vibrations. It is giving energy to something that is causing pain or trauma in some cases. Walk away... Let go... Forgive... and Release what is not ours. Life is what we allow it to be. When we are ready to be happy, we also are ready to be Free. Let Go, Let God, and Let Goodness Grow! One step, one breath at a time... we are growing toward our destiny now and always.

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