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Weekly Insights: Keeping It Light In The Dark Ages...

We have been asked by so many clients lately if humanity is going through some portal of transformation right now. Change occurs so rapidly these days, and we are faced with the projection of our actions, words, and attitudes almost immediately. Is it karma or is it something else? In the Kali Yuga, the final and current dark age of the world cycle, we experience the darkest days that are ultimately guiding us toward the Light. The thing that makes the dark ages so scary is the inability to see what is real vs what is created out of our innermost fears. In the darkness, the absence of Light feels like a death - but transformation is a form of death. The darkness brings growth and spiritual alchemy, and it allows for inner reflection and the ability to strengthen and revitalize. It is the death of inequality, the death of the misuse of power, the death of greed, and the death of separateness that cleanses. At the same time, it is the birth of unity, oneness, empowerment, cooperation, and Truth that empowers. Within all forms of destruction is the construction of something new. Out of death comes brith, and our inner beliefs feed the womb of our creations. So when people ask us if we are going through a karmic time, we reflect how each of us gets to choose who we are in the world and how we treat ourselves and other forms of life. Therefore, our karma is simply the reality that we create out of the art of BEing.

In order to feel at peace during this unique time to be alive, we have the power to create out of the prac