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Weekly Insights: Letting Go of Outcomes Brings Incomes...

Justice, Faith, and Prayer are interconnected. We cannot believe in the best and have no Faith in the support of the universe. We also can't pray to the cosmos and refuse to surrender to the outcome of our actions. The more we believe in a force of goodness, let go of what we 'see' in front of us, and have Faith in a higher form of Justice, the more free, abundant, and happy we become. It takes good intentions, positive actions, and Loving vibrations to create our biggest dreams. We have to feel beyond our own selfish desires to be a part of the whole, and in the whole, we become whole.

Justice is connected to spiritual awakening. It is the coming together of one Light with another for double the leadership and double the confidence. When we know the Truth to the core of who we are, we hold the confidence to shed Light on Justice. It is the ability to seek beyond the bias' that exist. Our inner knowing that we call our 6th Sense is connected to the Justice that our subconscious mind clings to. It inspires equality, kindness, tact, and higher visions. It is in all of us, and it is strengthened when we use it.