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Weekly Insights: Life is An Inside Job...

There is over 80% of the oceans of the Earth that have never been explored, mapped, or studied in any way. When we learned this fact, we were shocked that we have already been to the Moon, Mars, and Venus, but haven't even explored our own planet in its entirety. This got us talking deeply about human nature. Why is it that we are so deeply fascinated by the world outside of us, while seemingly ignoring our own backyard? We see this in human psychology as well. People get sucked into gossip online and in written print about other people while ignoring their own personal problems. There is a great lack of understanding and a false belief that there may be more power or importance in others than there this in the self. This eventually leads to comparisons to others, and a lack of trust in one's gifts and one's power of choice. Why are we so fascinated with our outer world? Some would say it is because we have less control over other people and other spaces. However, isn't "control" an illusion anyway?

Our greatest strengths come from having a solid foundation of inner knowing, self-understanding, and self-realization. The entire Universe is within us, and we have the ability to expand outward even greater when we go deeper inside. We also become a channel for new ideas, inventions, and creations that want to come through us without a filter. Without self-discovery, we give our power away to the outer world, and we second guess our ideas and beliefs when they don't agree with others. This is the complete opposite of living our true purpose. This "purpose" comes from listening to the heart and answering the calling of our dreams. It takes our own time frame to unravel who we truly are and what moves us. We get to explore and experience life, following the inner compass higher and higher to new dimensions and realms of existence. This is how we feel what moves us and lights us up from the inside. The fires of passion help to carry us forward. When we have our eyes gazing outward, we lose the opportunity to fuel our own fire within.

This weekend, we will experience the Light of the Moon that shines on what we need to shed, let go of, or surrender to in our current lives. This Micro-Moon allows us to pinpoint the Light on a more precise situation, energy of people, or subject matter that is calling for transformation in our lives. The spaces in life that we are not honoring our inner voice, or areas where we are giving our power away by allowing outer influences to make decisions for us have the power to shift in order to take our power back. Aligning to our inner direction, letting go of the outer chatter, and allowing the waning moon to carry away the lower frequencies that have been holding our dreams back is in full alignment with this lunar cycle. Life is waiting to burst through each of us, and it is our job to let that Love shine. We wish you a healing, enlightening, and liberating Full Moon filled with abundant blessings and deeper understandings!

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