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Weekly Insights: Make-Believing Destiny...

Children hold the magic of make-believe. Whether it is an invisible friend, a conversation with toys, or a fantasy reality, they have the ability to stay "Light" in their mind and keep dreaming. As we get older, some of us keep those dreams alive, and others close that creative side off due to the crippling effects of fear.

Historically speaking, some of the first explorers saw birds as a sign that the land would be nearby. Whether this was actually true or not, the Faith in seeing land helped to manifest it physically. In today's world, we make vision boards of what our dream life looks like, and have clear evidence that those dreams and visions are manifesting in our lives right before our own eyes. Optimistic, positive people who speak to uplift and create the life of their dreams, end up manifesting just that. Negative, fearful, and faithless people continue to prove themselves right because they attract the frequency that they vibrate at. All things are possible when we believe they are, and we live, think, speak, and behave in a way that affirms those beliefs.