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Weekly Insights: Mind What Matters...

The mind is the place where consciousness becomes self-aware. It is the biggest exploration of this age - who am I, why did I incarnate, what is my purpose? We meditate for hours at a time, self-reflect, journal, and do research to find out who we really are and what our purpose is on Earth. Philosophers make it clear that awareness is much deeper... when we simply observe our surroundings, we are not becoming self-aware. The big question here is, can we observe our own mind? Some will say that self-research helps us awaken to the Truths and inner Wisdom that lead to enlightenment, while others say that higher consciousness can only come from the "Source of All Creation". Either way, self-seeking in the 'wrong' hands becomes self-serving or selfish-ness. Observing humans and leaders all over the world and in our communities and families, it is clear that selfishness is a role that, unfortunately, some will choose. Each of us carves our own path based on who we truly are inside. The good thing about this great big ocean of life is that there are higher beings that see, hear, and understand everything that happens on planet Earth. When we call upon higher beings for support navigating through it all, they appear and guide us to our highest destiny. Stay true to course, true to heart, and true to the mission of Love, and the Light will always be there to help guide the way!

As we enter the 21st week of the year, we end a cycle and begin a new one. This can be understood by the observing the seeds we planted at the beginning of the year. Seeds hold unpredictability. Seeds hold so much potential that we can water them to become our biggest and greatest dreams, or we can starve them to their death. It is all up to us and our efforts or non-efforts toward our goals. This world has gotten so complex that we have created more ways to make life as predictable as possible. We have worked as hard as we could to simplify what we do in life enough for us to be able to do almost anything without much effort. This is a great disservice to our creative mind. In order to be the living seeds we are, growing into great Trees of Life that spread seeds for even greater trees in the future, we need to hold onto our creativity. We need to harness our inner spark of genius that no other being has. Expressing through the Light inside of us that lives off of our dreams and guides us toward greatness, we have infinite potential to becoming our greatest and highest version of the self. This is the energy builder that keeps us moving forward and expanding bigger and bigger into something greater and greater. We need challenges to help push us to be better, and this week we get to celebrate the milestones we have made on this journey and the challenges we have overcome. What we have created to get us here is now ready to work for us to go further. Simply stay true to YOU, and YOU will manifest greatness! It really IS that simple.

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