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Weekly Insights: Patience with Time...

Life is filled with dualistic circumstances, and time brings up some of the biggest ones. There are moments in life where we truly "know" that we have to act immediately. Like if we are bleeding heavily, ready to give birth, or even if we drop a glass on the floor and it shatters. There is a feeling deep inside that if we don't do something soon, there will be an outcome that we may not want to live with. There are other times that we feel we should not do a thing except hang tight and wait patiently for the storm to pass. We get the inner feeling that we don't want to act, but instead we need to rest and heal. This can happen after great loss or during a life transition. When we wait and wait and decide in our minds that the "right time" will reveal itself, sometimes we are digging a hole that can become so deep that we will never be able to get ourselves out. This can manifest in unhappy relationships, careers, living locations, or it can also show up when we are afraid of succeeding. Feelings of impatience or frustration can appear and create blocks instead of motivating movement.

So what is the answer? When you talk to successful people, they will tell you that they were never afraid to take risks, and most of them acted before they were ready to do it. Most of these decisions came from the desire to become something, gain something, or learn something. When we put ourselves first and learn to trust the process of life, then we are more likely to "go for it" when the moment presents itself. We all know that life is not perfect, we are not perfect, and our circumstances are not perfect. When we don't make life decisions for ourselves, then the Universe makes them for us. Is it enough to be okay with how things are going, or do we want to be truly happy with our lives? Do we have more faith in other people than we do with ourselves? There are good people in the world, but no one cares more about our lives than we do. For this reason, why would we put our destiny in the hands of others by just waiting around hoping they will fix it for us? If it isn't more important to us, then it doesn't have the power it needs to manifest.

No matter how the past worked out, the future is still unknown. The greatest successes have come after the worst failures at times. The truth is that any and all things are possible when we can hold the vision that they in fact are. Therefore, acting instead of waiting is telling the Universe that we are welcoming in the blessings of our actions and intentions. Faith is tested on a daily basis, and we pass the test when we cultivate the courage to do what makes us feel the most alive. In order to avoid the "would've, could've" scenario, it is truly best to seize the day and go for the gold.

On a mystical side of the argument, one would contest that working with the moon cycles and planetary periods is the best way to make life decision. As they are wonderful tools to help one navigate through life, they can be reasons to never move forward - or the very reason why we might miss our golden opportunity. At times, waiting for the energies to align perfectly can bring magical endings. There are always ways to use our intentions to work with the sun, moon, and planets. Time has proved that when all things align, working with these elements is the best thing to do. However, when we have waited in the past, we have also felt the excitement, motivation, resources, and supporting situations shift to be less than perfect. Every circumstance has its own story, and there is no one answer for all of them. The best advise we can offer is, when in doubt, listen to the whispers of the heart, and always go for the big dreams. Life is way too short not to!

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