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Weekly Insights: Rebirthing the Walk of the Talk...

Humans are extremely resilient. We go through some of the most brutal experiences, and we have the strength to bounce back. Depending on our will power, we either allow a set back to take us down, or we use it to motivate us to rise above and become even stronger and better than we were before. That space of giving up Hope is the tipping point that separates us as people. History tells of those who would never give up, only to finally accomplish the seemingly impossible. Resiliency is a key attribute that mostly results in overcoming our greatest obstacles, finding success, and gaining inner strength after defeat. Since the cycles of yin and yang will continue without any influences, we can understand that our darkest and most challenging moments are not long lasting. Every hardship as well as every celebration has an expiration date. It just takes that inner will power to decide that giving up is not an option. Depending on our mental health, this may be easier said than done.

We use our energy, combined with persistence, to rise above our fears and obstacles. In the greatest times of pressure, the gold that births is inner strength. A light turns on from the inside, and an inner knowing is birthed and can never be dimmed. This is the result of living in truth and honoring the voices inside that tell you something feels good or doesn't feel right. In our time working in various spiritual communities, we watched so many people freely offer up their energy, time, money, and personal value for the price of a false power being sold for a price. We saw trusted leaders, bosses, and "spiritual people" freely take advantage of those they knew they could profit from. That world was nothing but a web of traps set to catch those who were kind, caring, giving, lost, sick, weak, and/or lonely. After going through something like that, there was great resistance to teaching and sharing wisdom. We came to realize that people and situations should never veer us away from our life path. There is good and bad in every person and in every thing. It is our own personal job to forgive, let go, and weed out the bad in order to embrace the good, shifting as needed, while making necessary changes until it feels right to be where we are and with who we are around. If we don't do that, we have no one to blame for our unhappiness except for ourselves.

We are in a powerful and empowering time of changing seasons and the changing of astrology into Pisces. This is a time of awakening, realizing, and following the cosmic, Divine path we were destined to travel. Nothing can get in our way except for ourselves. As the lifeless traps reveal themselves along the way, we have the responsibility to walk in confidence away from illusions and into the Light. May each of us take personal accountability for the reality that we allow to persist through our support energetically, financially, and physically. May we all listen to our inner guidance, stay on course with our Truths, and walk the talk of our beliefs and deep inner values. These are the stepping stones to our most joyful, fruitful, and enjoyable life experiences, and to the wellbeing of our entire cosmic family.


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