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Weekly Insights: Snow Moon Thoughts

It's a Full Moon in Leo, the "Snow Moon", that comes to bring deeper spiritual realizations and inner revealings. This is traditionally the coldest time of year, when the snow covers the Earth and food is scarce. It is a time of inner reflection and healing. It is a time of forgiveness. Forgiving the past hurts and leaving them behind creates a lightness that allows for a clear path ahead. This Full Moon is the perfect time to release and let go of anything that has frozen the heart, caused emotional coldness, or acted as ice on the steps moving forward. The past does not define the future. Our actions and intentions pave the way for our future creations. The inner alchemy of transmuting negativity into outer blessings takes effort, but is worth it in the end.

In clearing the energy of the past, we have space to follow our Divine purpose. This is not a job, a relationship, or something we have to do, it is an outlook, a mindset, and a vision of who we want to be in this world. As extensions of infinity, sometimes the answer is something we used to never think was possible. That shift in believing more than we think is possible allows the space needed for those creations to manifest. Take the next two weeks to reflect, release, let go. The Spring will bring so many opportunities for new growth, and the life force to nourish those dreams. This time of healing rest is the needed as preparation to support that process. Everything serves as preparation for the next step.

What is your purpose? What is in the way of you living this purpose? Defining the map makes it much easier to navigate directions. Whatever challenges we may have faced, they do not deserve any more time and energy from us. By dwelling on those things that didn't work out, we are giving them energy. Starve the decay of the past so that the new vibrant life can be birthed. If we had the eyes to see our futures, we would know that certain things had to happen in order for other things to unfold. Trust, let go, and believe. The Universe has our back and wants our highest and greatest good to prevail. There is nothing stopping the good from coming in except for the past. Don't allow it to win. Take control and choose Love. With Love, all things seem possible and possibilities appear to be endless. This is where the magic happens!

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