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Weekly Insights: The Great Life Pivot...

The heart is the center of our personal universe. When matters of the heart come up for each of us, we are put to the test. How do we live our daily lives when we feel pulled by our heart strings in different directions? Humans all go through challenges, heartache, and betrayal. No one is exempt from pain in life, as it is what helps us learn, grow, and evolve. Every big challenge brings opportunity for growth or the pain of resistance. When we don't allow our challenges to define us, and we have the ability to pivot, then we are showing the Universe our adaptability. As interconnected as we are, this ability to flow with change in time and space is what strengthens us as a whole. It is known in science as the survival of the fittest, but it is simply the ability to pivot from a dark situation to a Lighter one.

Emotional balance is a huge tipping point in this age between life and death. The waters of our emotional body are strong waves of power that influence every area of our lives. When we are down, it can feel as though there will never be Hope again. When we are up, it can feel like nothing will ever go wrong. The extremes of how we feel can be used to create or destroy us. Is one disappointment going to be given the power over an entire lifetime of experiences? That is a choice each one of us has to make in the heat of every big challenge we face. We can attest to the power of the pivot. Shifting gears, starting over, and forgiving are all key ingredients to a great pivot. Holding on to the past and reliving our traumas over and over again is robbing the present moment of the joy and happiness available to each of us. Why would we waste another breath on the past if all it caused us was pain? That is the highway to the shadows of life. The Light road is filled with Loving acceptance of the present moment. There is so much Light in forgiveness and our ability to bless the entire situation by handing it over to the Great Spirit. The weight of pain can be easily carried by our angels, guardians, and guides, so it's best to just let it all go.

We have to hold strong boundaries that keep in Loving energies and keep out abusiveness. It is a big part of managing emotional harmony and finding the middle ground in our daily dealings. Self-Love is like fuel to the creative fire inside that manifests our dreams. When we respect and Love ourselves enough to own our personal power and do good with it, then nothing can get our the way. As we are invisible to the Universe, we understand more and more how to let go of what we have no control over, while continuing to act in ways that are in favor of the greater good. The only judge and jury is the Divine, and no human can see the entire Truth or both sides of any story. Sometimes we have misunderstandings with others that birth an entire lifetime of pain and suffering. All of these feeling we have matter, and even personal relationships can cause blockages inside of us that affect other relationships, our personal success, and our prosperity. Every aspect of who we are either gives energy to, or takes energy from other areas of our lives. This is why our decision to hold healthy personal boundaries is critical in keeping the heart healthy and happy.

"To live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory."

- Howard Zinn.

It truly takes courage to live authentically, honestly, and with integrity. When we see opportunity that also helps the greater good, then all sides win. If we jump on all opportunities, no matter who they affect negatively or what environmental consequences there might be, then there may be a heavy karmic debt to answer to in this lifetime or the next. It certainly weighs on our heart, whether we see it or not. Each of us knows deep inside when we are doing good vs being destructive. The way we treat others, and the way we behave when no one is watching, is what defines who we are what we become. We may not learn what is "right" from our parents or guardians growing up, but the effects of all actions are clear for us all to witness. We get to see what Light and darkness are on the main stage of the world every day in our own personal lives, in our communities, and in the world. From this Truth, we also get to decide where we live between these two forces and if we are going to make a pivot toward what we deeply desire to become.

2023 is a new opportunity to be "A Better Me". What is that "better me" mean for you? It's never too late to create positive change, and every small change can make a big shift in our lives. Better doesn't mean perfect. Have compassion for yourself and your challenges, and take a bold step toward a positive shift from today's version of you. The work you do for yourself is supporting the Love frequency on the entire planet. Remember that you never owe another person an explanation of who you are. You don't owe anyone anything. You are not responsible for how someone responds to your Love. The only soul you are accountable for, is You. Lighten the load, make a pivot in areas that need change, and watch the blossoms of life bloom with the fragrant energies of Divine Grace, Peace, and Blessings. The more Love generated in our lives, the more Love we will create and enjoy for all the days of our lives.

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