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Weekly Insights: The Land of Opportunity...

So many people thrive when their lives offer little treasures of support, but not all people thrive in the most challenging of times. Life will always move from the ups to the downs, to good times and bad, to successes and failures, and through joy and into sorrow. The thing that we forget when the Lights dim is that every experience is an opportunity to grow, to learn, to understand, and to expand in ways that we may not truly "get" until it happens. Opportunities come to those who are open. When hard times fall upon us, the easiest thing to do is to shut down, close off the world, and focus on what is not working. When we resist the desire to dive into the deep end of our "problem", then we lose the opportunity to create something new out of the death of something we used to Love. Endings only ignite the start of a new beginning. They are not meant to stop us from living altogether.

Whatever life hands to us at any phase, the best thing we can do is to welcome it in with open arms. Embracing each new situation takes all of the power away from its ability to harm us in any way. Our resistance and fear is what makes our problems grow, while owning them diffuses their energy.

Laughter is the greatest medicine. When we learn how to lighten up during heavy times, we bring a levity that allows the challenge to also lighten up a little. There is always something silly to see in the serious moments that life presents to us. This openness to stay optimistic is what brings the flexibility that manifests even more open doors and new opportunities. Maintaining health with diet, exercise, meditation, and self-care is the quickest way to remove blocks and restore the flow of energy in our favor. Clearing out mental, emotional, and physical clutter, keeping a gratitude journal, practicing self-Love, avoiding self-judgment, and not being attached to the past, present, or future, will all create a platform for great opportunities to manifest. It starts within, and flows throughout.

When we feel stuck in life, the very first thing we do is to restore health. Love attracts more Love. When we Love ourselves, the Universe responds with Loving options to expand our realities. It moves us away from feeling stuck and toward an inspired state of consciousness that fuels creative opportunities. Till the soil, nurture the foundation, and give back to yourself. Sometimes the answer is more rest and less work. The key is listening to the heart and following the soul guidance. When in doubt, take care of the landscape that is manifesting the dream... in other words, give back to yourself and you will have the energy, magnetism, and frequency to manifest what you really want. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain when we step back and see how blessed we really are. When our tank is full, we can then help others fill theirs. Serve the self, and then it will be effortless to serve others. All things are possible with the power of LOVE!

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