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Weekly Insights: The Language of Honesty - Is It The Best Policy?...

In the movie "A Few Good Men", there is a scene where Jack Nicholson screams at Tom Cruise and says, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" Boy does that statement ring true at times... Saying how you really feel does not always go over well. It is a new language to learn, and honesty taps into deeper parts of who we are. When we speak our feelings, we put emotion, thought, and our living human experience into it. It covers all three aspects of our being, and therefore can leave us feeling vulnerable. However, when we finally do speak how we really feel, it can feel like ecstasy - literally setting us free from the inside out.

When it comes to relationships with others, there can be situations that cause discomfort, sadness, anxiety, or anger. If nothing is said, the behavior will continue over time. Communication can actually save a relationship sometimes, because it never had to get to that 'place of no return'. Even our health can improve from speaking our truth. Holding in feelings and emotions is like stopping the flow of energy. There will be blocks created that can manifest physically and even make us sick, poor, or unhappy. How we live our lives has a direct affect on our health and wellbeing. If we are unaware of our feelings, then there is nothing to act upon. So, the first step to setting the heart free is self-awareness and self-Love.

It is one thing to tell someone how you feel, and it is a whole other thing to vent or take your anger and frustrations out on whomever is there at the time. Holding in emotions in one area, like work, relationships, family, friendships, etc., has a direct effect on other areas of life. We are holistic beings, meaning that we can't turn our feelings on or off without working through them. They are always there, under the surface, waiting to come up at any open moment. The last thing we want to do is blow up on someone we Love when they are supporting the solution and not the problem.

We have intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence, and creative intelligence. When we can control our mood, or our energy-in-motion, then we can improve our emotional intelligence. We find the ability to work through lower frequencies with forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, and understanding, and then happiness doesn't have to be an external process, but instead it can be owned and created from within. When we can own how we feel, then we can share it with others from a balanced place. This is where the magic happens. No one has to feel defensive, there is no blame or shame, and clarity helps to find the most healing conversations and actions for all involved.

A lot of unnecessary problems on the planet come from a lack of honest communication, desire to deal with the truth, or neglect to speaking out. When the day comes that Truth is recognized, embraced, and applied in all areas of life, we will be living in a much different world. It starts with each one of us. Live the truth and you will attract truth. Never be afraid to be yourself. The more that each of us speaks up and out, lives authentically, and honors the power of Truth, the more free we will be. It is a lot easier to stay silent. No one will bother you or question you. But it takes Faith to express what is in the corners of the mind. It takes guts to share and be vulnerable to whomever is there to listen. Words are so permanent. Once they are said, they cannot be erased. Each of us has a voice that holds the power of the Word. It is meant to be used as a sacred instrument and cast spells of goodness, healing, and self-expression. Take a deep breath, think about what really needs to be said, and speak from the heart. If it is meant to be expressed, and it comes from Love, then it has the ability to transform reality for the better. Express, Love, and Live your Truth, and you will set your soul free.

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