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Weekly Insights: The Middle Path of Love...

We all have a physical heart and an energetic heart. The energetic heart is made up of a higher chamber, middle chamber, and lower chamber. These parts of the energetic heart are represented in our physical lives as different pathways to Love. If there is really a middle path, that means there are two "other" paths - making three separate journeys. There is one path that is following our dreams and living the way we have always wanted to live. With faith, the road is paved ahead as each new step is taken, revealing the truth along the way. This path doesn't result in a perfect life or a life without pain and suffering, but it is about being in alignment with the inner drive that gives purpose and meaning to this incarnation. The problem with the high road is that spending too much time there can create restriction. We see it where there is an addiction to positivity. These people are often times spiritually bypassing through any negativity, and never really address the deep unhappiness that can grow inside of the "feel good on the outside and horrible on the inside junky".

There is another path that befriends our shadow side, indulging in the limitations, struggles, and fears that live deep inside, and that is the lower path. Destructive thoughts, words, actions, and behaviors empower this particular journey. Instead of shining the Light on what is working, it is a path of shining the Light on what challenges us the most. This fuels the one who is constantly knocked down in life, by finding ways to embrace the struggle, and therefore, taking all of their power away. This is a way to win over challenges and the feeling of defeat. Spending too much time here can keep us in cycles of pain for longer times than needed or desired. Just like we can get lost in our bliss, we can also get lost in our pain and struggles because whatever we focus on grows.

The middle path is that space where we live our daily lives, focusing on our careers, family, hobbies, friendships, and day to day doings. It is being fully awake and aware of each choice and decision, taking care of both our earthly needs and our spiritual needs. This path may be found while spending time in the extremes of the highs and lows for a while, and needing to experience harmony and balance once again. It is in the times of meditation vs times of breaks, or healthy eating vs fast food, or even working out five days of the week vs taking the week off. Balance is truly the key to life. Research shows that people who live in extremes tend to have a "stick up their butts", judge others more, or take life way too seriously. Humility is achieved on the middle road. Giving and receiving Love happens where there is harmony. Centeredness, peacefulness, and authenticity dwell in this neutral zone too.

The center chakra of the body represents the power of unconditional Love. The higher centers are more mental, and the lower centers are more physical. We know that true Love is the encompassing of good communication, physical chemistry, and heart connection - all three levels combined. After many years, it is the heart that endures, and true Love is a soulful journey through all of life's ups and downs. Accepting one another for who we are, embracing the faults and strengths, and being there during some of the most difficult times are three paths that lead to one soulful, lifetime journey. The middle path of Love is the place of full acceptance, transparency, and respect for one another. May each of us experience an authentic, pure, and enduring Love for ourselves and others... or better. Happy Valentine's Day!

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