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Weekly Insights: Trust is the Foundation to Freedom...

Why is it so easy to trust someone in power who we have never met, but maybe not as easy to always trust oneself? One of the greatest enemies of the human is self-doubt. It takes the breath out of self-Love, demolishes confidence, and crushes dreams. Doubt has actually been proven to be the cause of depression, anxiety, mood swings, and lower self-esteem. When we have doubt, it finds its way into all of our relationships and challenging situations to remind us that it is there. Instead of giving our doubts any attention or energy, we can focus on trusting ourselves. In order to trust, we have to understand and know ourselves to the core. What are our strengths? What are our weaknesses? Where have we felt the most alive? What do we Love the most? Learning about ourselves, we get to empower the soul to simply be. No one can take our power away again because we have already identified and have embodied the Truth. We don't have to chase the idea of perfection around, compromise our values, or fear what might or might not happen. Trust creates the space for authenticity, honors true alignment of energies, and builds confidence. How can we move forward on our path if we don't trust our feet to take the next step? Trust is imperative to embrace and embody in order to live the life we were meant to live.

We live in a world that has us constantly second guessing ourselves. We look everything up instead of looking within. A big first step on the journey to Trusting more is forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes and falls in life... more than once. If we are stuck in those old stories, then we are not allowing ourselves to grow beyond the past. This can lead to debilitating fears that stop us from having experiences that could make a huge impact on the future. Trusting ourselves is being compassionate, kind, and driven to be the person we Love. It is about bringing out the very best, striving to be better, and allowing the human side to make mistakes, trip up, and even fall flat on our face once in a while. Trust is a key ingredient in taking big leaps forward, being willing to take a chance, and being bold in the areas we are most passionate about. Trust lives in the present instead of dwelling in the past, it decides to live when life feels difficult and challenging, and chooses the self and the inner "knowing" to guide the way - even if others don't agree. Trust is the ticket to paradise because it honors the sacred journey of the soul, and understands that no matter what life offers, we will survive, thrive, and dive into the embodiment of self-Love now and always. Trust is the foundation to all things good and beautiful. It sure is worth the work it takes to get there. Once we have Trust, no one can steal our power or peace away ever again.

So how do we grow the quality of Trust in our lives? We have to build Trust like we are building a home. The foundation of Trust is self-Love. It is getting to know oneself, sitting with one's thoughts and feelings, and reflecting inward instead of avoiding the heart. The next step is allowing. We have to allow ourselves to be imperfect, to have weaknesses, and to make mistakes. Then we can hold ourselves accountable for what we know we can do, and strengthen ourselves to become even better than we are. Finally, we have to secure our energy field with good energy, healthy boundaries, and honest relationships based on mutual trust and respect. This is not a lifetime of following someone else's path. This journey is one that we entered alone and will exit alone. Therefore, we have to follow our own heart beat to know what is best for us individually. Once we are on that road, then we can share our gifts and grow our talents to become even more than we thought we could become. Building Trust allows us to root in deeper and therefore grow and expand even greater. It offers a level of self-commitment to our personal story and helps to make us the author of our book of life. We create boundaries that allow us to learn from one another while staying true to who we are on the deepest levels. True blessings and freedom live in the values that Trust builds. Embrace self-Love and Trust yourself and the process. We are so blessed to be able to have a material experience with the spirit. In order to truly honor this lifetime and our incarnation, we have the opportunity to build Trust in ourselves. May each of us cultivate Trust and self-Love, and may we all live the highest and greatest destiny while manifesting joy, happiness, and beauty for all....or better!

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