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Weekly Insights: Virtue vs Conformity...

What is virtue? What is morality? Each of us has a very different definition of both of these words. Something virtuous to one person could be a moral sin to another. The greatest virtue is in BEing HUman. To be Light on the outside, while remembering that we are on Light on the inside, is the ultimate goal. The highest virtues are not defined or explained. When we feel our heart beat, it is one of the highest virtues, but it gets no recognition or applause for the job it does 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The greatest virtues have no awareness of their greatness. Humans are interested in being "the best". This creates a world of oneupmanship, and causes people to both compare and judge one another based on differences in belief, appearance, and lifestyle. It is a false way of embodying the uniqueness of the self. How do we both be who we are, and coexist at the same time?

We are in transformative times, only we are reflecting the "two steps backward" part of the human life dance. One BIG step forward is next though - so don't worry! Sometimes to activate positive change, we have to go to rock bottom first. Well, we have arrived. Having human rights taken away when we are amidst the "Dark Ages" in history is not all that shocking. Instead of RE-action right now, we need ACTION. It's about finding new ways of being free and sovereign BEings, while moving forward - and not backward - in our evolution. We were born this way, and the world is still learning how to accept and trust what is natural. From the birth experience to death, it is our nature to seek "control" when it is our job to "allow". Every ego believes it is "right". If we truly had all of the right answers, would we even need to incarnate? In Truth, none of us really knows. Therefore, if we don't truly know everything, then we can conclude that we do not have the power to decide what is best for someone else - especially when it comes to our health, our personal life, and our personal health and life choices.

The USA is a "melting pot" that unites all cultures, belief systems, values, and understandings under a guiding Constitution and overall belief in bringing differences together. There are so many of us - hundreds of millions to be more precise. So how can the virtues of a few be placed on the whole? We are celebrating a New Moon tonight (Tuesday). This means that we can amplify our dreams and plant new seeds in the direction of where we are headed, and away from where we have risen out of. Sit quietly with the breath of life. Take in long, deep breaths, and connect with the Love and Gratitude inside of you. Then picture a world where we are each free to live with our personal virtues without imposing any unwanted beliefs onto others. See everyone working together to support the freedom of one another. See everyone at their very best, working together for the betterment of the whole. Envision it, and it will manifest. Believe it, and it will become believable. Honor and respect life by honoring and respecting all living beings. Together, we can co-create a free country and free world, each of us living our highest and greatest destiny...or better.

It's time to put our virtues in action, without the need to be right or to be the best, but simply to allow each other to BE...FREE!

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