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Weekly Insights: Why Is It Hard To Get Old?...

The term "ageism" was born in the 1930's, when other forms of discrimination were booming. It was a way for the young and middle aged to create power over those who were older than they were. Ageism is said to start around 45 years old and only get stronger as the result of physical changes becoming more and more apparent. This is why the Botox and Plastic Surgery industry have increased by 40% since 2020. Research shows that video technology has brought beauty and youth to the forefront in order to have "success" on an online platform level, and the botox market is at about $4.4 billion globally because of it. There are 700 million people in the world who are over the age of 60, so what is so bad about getting older when we all know that we are much wiser and at peace as we age and gain life experiences?

Our current society does not embrace the elderly. There is talk of getting rid of social security, there are less jobs or areas of serving community for the elderly, mobility declines, memory and cognitive development declines, health care costs increase, and there is a bigger need for more help and support with daily tasks. The end of life mirrors the beginning of life. Just like babies need help with daily life duties, the elderly also need our support. With all of their wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, elderly people are treasures to all generations. Those who help old people, serve elderly populations, or simply choose to take care of their elderly family members, are blessed with a rich history and an encyclopedia of invaluable information and memories. There are lessons learned, risks taken, and wisdom earned. Not only do the elderly have a physical wealth of information, they have spiritual stamina too. Just like babies see the unseen until the age of 5, the end of life reveals much of the "unseen" world and insights to wisdom that most people cannot tap into. There are great gifts of aging when we embrace them instead of rejecting them.

Our ancestors understood that elderly people are the gold mine of society. They really got that not every human is gifted with a lifetime of time. Aging is a gift, and those who understand that tap into the plethora of blessings that their elderly friends and family share. Every soul is sacred, and mature adult souls in an Earthly experience are "spiritual Light-houses" for society, helping to show the way for younger generations to succeed. Perhaps embracing our elderly population will help to bring word peace, support environmental harmony, and bring more respect to those who have lived so many years beyond our own...? The most important thing is that we are here to support the elderly population in living their best lives until their "time" comes. None of us is here to die before it is time. To be a mentor, an elder, or a grandparent is to instill great truths that were earned by living a life of authenticity. Let's do our part to support the natural flow of life itself and help our elderly community to teach us what they have learned. When we choose to not learn from the past, we are creating a doomed future. Life is too short to repeat our mistakes. Let us embrace the old people and be embraced as we age. To be alive is to have meaning, and all living beings are here to teach. Are we humble enough to learn from them? We think so... so let's own up to the gifts that the heavens have given us and Love our elderly population. They are the true Gold and Treasure of life itself!

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