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Weekly Insights: You Are Your Greatest Blessing...

Each of us, molded by our past, present, and goals for our future, are a product of who we are inside. It has become so easy to see that in our own lives, the amount of Love we give is equal to the amount we receive. Some will argue this up and down while selfishly blaming the world for everything that has gone wrong. Others will take ownership of their actions, feelings, behaviors, thoughts, words, and deeds, and see how their frequency affects the reality they have created today. In this amazing life school, we get to witness all types of ways to approach the art of living. Our greatest heroes have stories of sacrifice and honor, giving and offering all they had for the greatest good of all. Why is that effortless for some and impossible for others? What causes our minds and hearts to be so far apart when it comes to realizing this and understanding our role in our own realities?

Scientists say that our brains actually generate "matches" to reality, and not always what is truly real. What we see is what meets our expectations or inner desires. It is also based on what we know and understand to be true, and our own life experiences. What is real to each of us is not necessarily "real". Every human has blind spots. There are spaces that we can perceive reality just as it is, and there are other spaces where our feelings and assumptions based on bias or prejudices shift reality to work for us. There are brain tests that prove this on the regular. One group sees one reality and the other sees something completely different. Scientists say that this decision-making all happens outside of the frontal lobes - which are able to perceive higher truths or realities. This is the space where our "stories" are constructed. Even when people were told the truth, they still believed in the "story" that their brain constructed based on what they knew.