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7 Gates To Love...

Seven Gates into the Kingdom of the Divine,

Sacred places to receive, connect, and align.

I see the vision of a healthy planet thriving,

The birds are soaring and life is reviving.

Colors so vivid, bright, and lustrous,

Lighting up so brightly with robustness.

Hearing primal sounds of the natural world,

Earth's musical notes harmoniously swirled.

Cosmic beings with healing frequencies,

Chirping birds, crickets, and buzzing bees.

Breathing in the smells of the deep forest,

Intoxicating medicine from nature's florist.

Healing old memories and past trauma,

No scent is as powerful as Pacha Mama.

Sprouting up are the foods of Gaia,

Eating veggies in an organic jambalaya.

Healing deep inside with powerful plants,

Life becomes Lighter and more enhanced.

Speaking positive about self and others,

Words of goodness as Love-Light ushers.

The Seven Gates that we use every day,

Can easily be neglected and put away.

These entry points are sacred and healing,

What we bring in is quite revealing.

In order to restore balance and flow,

Humanity must understand and know.

What we are doing and how we are living,

Desires consciousness through forgiving.

Restoring harmony on a personal level,

Choosing Love like a mystical daredevil.

The harder choices can help us all heal,

There are many truths we need to reveal.

Living every day with balance and positivity.

Connect to the Earth to restore sensitivity.

Feel and plug in, restore and remember,

Healing the past, it's time to surrender.

Allow the self to be smaller than creation,

Humility and teamwork is the foundation.

Each of us is the I Am That I Am,

Respect for all living beings is the program.

Together we rise, and temperance is key,

I live for you, and you also live for me.

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1 Comment

Isaac Hernandez
Isaac Hernandez
Mar 31, 2021

So beautiful and inspiring!!! So much Love for you guys!!🙏🏽💚

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