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A New Dawn, A New Day, A New Life For All...

The world is limitless, complete, whole, and balanced in its Yin and Yang. When we are in a worldly mindset, we are expansive and thinking greatly beyond the "me" and out to the "we". This is the 21st week of the year, and the number 21 symbolizes the archetype of "The World". "The World" symbolizes the end of a journey, something coming to fruition, growth after a challenge, and the achievements that come from the completion or fulfillment of a cycle. Reduced, 21 becomes a 3, which is the number associated with the planet Jupiter. Jupiter's influence offers a more expansive perspective on life, as well as beautiful opportunities to take big leaps of faith forward toward happiness, health, and abundance. This is a powerful week of good luck and the culmination of various lessons that have brought wisdom and reflection. Whether the reflection comes as a feeling of completeness and celebration, or a lack of direction and feeling incomplete - at the end of a cycle, we are able to gain a much greater perspective of the life we are living. This clarity brings Truth and Wisdom to help direct future decisions.

Rarely does one reach perfection on their first try at something. We just have to persevere past the resistance that comes from the small failures or setbacks. The best of the best, as we all know, have had to fail repeatedly. It is as though the Universe is trying to make sure this soul really wants what they are going after. Remember this in the 11th hour of any project. Never give up on what is important to you. The endurance through the challenges in life is what helps to manifests the dreams that feel out of reach to others.

Sometimes we have to accept that one cycle is truly over in order to embrace the new one ahead. Attachments and expectations cause most of the pains of life, so freedom ultimately comes from letting go of them both. Feeling incomplete or unclear presents a golden opportunity to make a positive change.

Whatever cycle you are in, and wherever you perceive yourself within this chapter of life, there is always an opportunity to grow as well as celebrate what has been achieved up to this point. It's a waxing moon, the Universal Moon Period, and a Jupiter week - which is a great time to dream and expand the inner heart's creations into manifestation. Nurturing inner visions and trusting the gut instinct that knows what is best, is the key this week. This is the guidance that wants the best and highest good for you and for all. When trusted, intuitive guidance becomes a strong force of Light amidst any darkness. Dream big, expand your visions, and take a chance. Good luck comes to those who believe it and can see it manifesting in their lives.

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