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Aromatherapy Share: Essences That Help Make Us Feel "Light"...

Light is something we can see and feel, when it comes to the Sun. When it comes to how we feel inside, this phrase relates to letting go of darkness, heaviness, or lower frequencies that can weigh us down. To feel "Light" means that we are focused on what brings us joy, happiness, health, vitality, strength, endurance, passion, and motivation. It is the energy of positive action that allows us to live our lives joyfully without the burden of heaviness that life can sometimes bring. Some essences support this ability to feel "Light", and our favorite three are White Fir, May Chang, and Terebinth. These three tree energies are powerfully empowering when it comes to manifesting the Light within.

White Fir is a large evergreen coniferous tree whose Latin name means "rising one" or "bright one". She grows in high altitudes and never produces fruit, just cones that bear seeds for new trees. She represents regeneration both in the forest and as a medicine. White Fir is an immune system booster that helps with bronchial infections, colds, flu symptoms, sinus', or a fever. Energetically, she helps us rise toward the Light by embracing the Light within ourselves. It is a frequency that supports harmony in both giving and receiving, creating a bridge between the polarities of yin and yang in our lives. White Fir supports moving toward happiness and acceptance of our goodness each day.


May Chang is an evergreen tree with white flowers and red or black berries. The berries are steam distilled to make this medicine. May Chang is a strong lung tonic and anti-fungal healer that helps with physical pain and limitations. She offers the strength to build compassion, respect all life, deal with stress, and let go of negativity. May Chang supports feeling "Light-hearted" in order to find joy, increase intimacy, and connect with the spirit of harmony and Love.

Terebinth is a small, deciduous tree that exists in both male and female forms. She is known for her deep and extensive root system that allows her to remain green, even during the years of drought. Terebinth is used for pain, respiratory support, and clearing parasites, fungus, and other bugs from the body. Energetically, she helps with sluggishness, uncertainty, and awakening one's "Light body". Terebinth holds strength and regenerative attributes that bring Divine energies for one's highest and greatest good.

Anoint each essence (5-10 drops of each) to the area you intuitively feel guided to pour her on. Our suggestions are the crown of the head, nape of the neck, heart chakra, solar plexus, navel point, spine, or bottoms of the feet. Listen, feel, and journal your experience as you breathe deeply and move consciously throughout your day with these plant teachers. The insights and wisdom each plant shares become stair steps on the path toward the Light within. Light is an inside job that we simply have to tune into and remember in order to ignite. These plant guides help us on this pathway into our Light frequency.

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