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Aromatherapy Share: Essences That Support Harmony & Tranquility...

Harmony and tranquility are two jobs for the inner world. They are unachievable when we choose to focus on the outer world, blaming and shaming others, while never addressing the real elephant in the room - our own imbalances. We find harmony by being in alignment with how we act, think, and feel. We experience tranquility through the peace we hold in our hearts as a result of this harmony. The inner creations have to match the outer desires, or we are in constant conflict. Some plant essences that help us to align to this higher state of harmonious and tranquil consciousness are Spanish Marjoram, Sweet Orange, and Spearmint.


Spanish Marjoram is an evergreen perennial shrub used in treating digestive and respiratory disturbances. She helps with pain, wounds, and infections on the physical level. Energetically, Spanish Marjoram helps one to cultivate harmony and tranquility through self-accountability. By taking responsibility, ending the blame game, and awakening the soul to one's dreams, it is the fastest route to a happy and harmonious reality. Spanish Marjoram can be anointed over the solar plexus and heart to address the inner balance that manifests our outer harmony.

Sweet Orange is a fruit from an evergreen, flowering tree. She is known to help prevent scurvy, boost immunity, and address kidney stones. For the emotional/mental levels, Sweet Orange helps to bring harmony after experiencing abuse, depression, or any form of negativity. She is the representation of the Sun in fruit form, and offers her Light in order to illuminate darkness, negativity, and frustration. Anoint over the heart to become open to receiving higher messages from one's soul essence. By taking some time to go inward, this soul essence becomes an ally in the game of life that guides us to situations, events, and people who support us the most.

Spearmint is an aromatic perennial herb that has been known as a "hospitality herb" since ancient times. She is a wound healer, stomach tonic, and respiratory aid. Energetically, Spearmint helps to bring one back to harmony through a connection and unification as one with the soul. There is a child-like innocence that comes with this "Light" and uplifting scent. Anoint over the heart and/or put a drop or two in water to drink for oral consumption, and allow this empowering essence to help unite the mind, heart, body, and soul as one.

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