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Aromatherapy Share: Essences That Support Transitions, Big Changes, and New Beginnings...

Change is inevitable. Actually, it is one of the only things guaranteed in this lifetime. Everyone goes through change, its just that some people are less attached and find it much easier to shift gears when needed. For others, change disrupts their entire lives and is avoided at all costs. Just because things change in our lives doesn't mean that we have to suffer or be miserable. Some changes are the best things that have ever happened to us. As we look back on those memories, we are able to see how much we grew up and created healthier habits or boundaries that have carried through our lives to this day. Change can be embraced when we allow nature to help support us along the way. Three of our favorite plant essences that support transitions, big changes, and new beginnings are Green Cardamom Seed, Rose Geranium, and Spanish Sage.

Green Cardamom Seed comes from an aromatic perennial herb. She is known as "The Queen of Spices", and she is the master of the gut, the heart, and the mind. Green Cardamom Seed opens the heart in order to be able to assimilate life with peace. She works to ease our hearts after emotional trauma, our bodies after physical illness, and our minds from mental strain. Green Cardamom Seed supports transitional life changes so that we can accept them and assimilate our lives gracefully. She is a soulful essence that uplifts, protects, and guides the spirit toward the highest and greatest path of the heart.

Rose Geranium is an aromatic evergreen shrub that helps to balance blood sugar, hormones, and digestion. She is a great protector through adverse times, intense fears, and life transitions. Rose Geranium helps us move forward with confidence and courage, while not allowing things to get under our skin. As we are guided to transmute our past, we make space for inner transformation that manifests new beginnings and healing initiations that support growth and positive change.

Spanish Sage is an herbaceous perennial woody shrub in the Mint family. She has a long history of both medicinal and culinary uses, as a garden plant, an ornamental plant, and a beautiful flower. Spanish Sage is considered the "cure all" for many disharmonies like the cold, flu, muscles aches, pain, hair loss, eczema, and many others. This powerful plant medicine helps to clear out negativity and debris from the shadow side. Providing emotional strength, Spanish Sage offers comfort and soothing support during major transitions in our lives. When there has been loss of someone or something Loved, she helps to keep the heart open to heal and feel safe to Love again.

Anoint five to ten drops of each, intuitively, to all or one of the following spots - the heart, the solar plexus, the nape of the neck, the spine, and/or the bottoms of the feet twice a day, consistently for 120 days or as long as needed while going through a transition into new beginnings. Journal your experience so that you can observe your process and be able to reflect back on it when you need to for strength. Healing change is a journey, and the Plant Kingdom is a great ally along the way. Happy Healing!

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