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Aromatherapy Share: Essential Oils For Healthy Boundaries...

Updated: Apr 28

Part of each our self-Love journeys is learning the art of developing healthy boundaries. Boundaries keep us safe, establish respect for the self and others, and put us at ease when we are around other people. Trust is a key ingredient in letting ourselves relax and be free. When we have weak boundaries, sometimes we are taken advantage of or we get sick easier. The energy bodies work together to keep us healthy, protected, and grounded. Boundaries are needed for our sexual health, physical wellbeing, emotional health, financial protection, mental health, and more. Three essences we "go to" to address healthy boundaries are Vetiver, White Cedar, and Clove Bud. With this spiritual strength and protection, we are empowered to express ourselves and use our words and actions to project our Truth without limitations from fear or worry.

Vetiver is an organic, perennial grass root that is known to be the "Oil of Tranquility" and the "Fragrance of the Soil". She is wonderful for the skin - our protective covering that shields us from the outer world. Vetiver also helps with pain, strengthening the immune system, and promoting relaxation. She strengthens our electromagnetic field, grounds, cleanses, and helps to create healthy boundaries. Vetiver's medicine is very calming, centering, and grounding.

White Cedar is a wild-harvested evergreen coniferous tree known as the "tree of life". The Latin name for the plant means "to sacrifice", and that is what she does so well. She is known to help create positive change in our lives and cope with the darker energies in order to clear them for good. Addressing virus', cancers, and poison, White Cedar brings a cosmic Light that takes the power away from the darkness. This amazing tree uplifts the spirit, brings clarity of mind, instilling trust in the Source of all of creation, and strengthening boundaries in all aspects of one's life.

Clove Bud is an organic, unopened flower from a small, tropical, evergreen tree. She is a spice that has a long history of being traded as one of the world's most popular and beneficial plants to humans. She helps with virus', parasites, infections, and pain. Clove Bud strengthens the emotional and mental bodies, helps us establish healthy boundaries, and brings clarity. Her powerful energy is not something to play with. Make sure to use her on the bottoms of the feet or layer her over other cooler essences in order to avoid burning the skin. No matter where she is anointed, bring intention and watch her do her magic.

The skin, in general, is the best place to anoint essences for boundaries. Clove Bud is suggested to be anointed on the bottoms of the feet due to how hot she is, so try 5-10 drops on each foot, rubbing the feet together. Vetiver drops (5-10) can be poured over the heart, onto the nape of the neck, or on the neck and wrists. The same can be done with the White Cedar. Each of these could also be dropped into hot water to make a tea, but makes sure you put on lip balm so the Clove Bud doesn't burn the lips. Try this protocol for 120 days and let us know what happens. Happy Healthy Boundaries To All!

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