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Aromatherapy Share: Essential Oils That Support Dreaming and Imagining...

It is so important for us to dream as human beings. We have to imagine our lives as we would Love them to be, so that we can manifest our dreams. Once we have the inner vision, then we make it possible to create. Here are three plants that support our dreams, and our ability to use our imagination to create the life we have always wished for.

Myrrh is an oleoresin from the Middle East that has been mentioned in the Old and New Testament of the Bible and used as a sacred anointing oil since antiquity. She is anti-viral, anti-fungal, great for digestion, the skin, and gum disease. Myrrh is a creativity enhancer. She helps one to use visualization, imagination, and in-sight to see the bigger picture in order to live the dream. She is a spiritual strengthener that helps to balance the chakras and transcend time while becoming more authentically empowered. Anoint a few drops onto the 3rd eye, nape of the neck, and/or heart chakra in order to imagine and manifest dreams. 

Citronella is a grass leaf essence from India that is mostly used to keep bugs at bay. She is anti-parasitic, anti-septic, and anti-viral, and helps with digestion, the skin, and the immune system. She is also an ingredient in a dream enhancing medicine called "Kyphi". Citronella energetically supports depression, finding inner joy, enhancing one's dreams, and finding the joy in life once again. She helps one to let go of any heaviness in order allow the inner dream to Light the way. Anoint 5-10 drops onto bottoms of the feet (she attracts sunlight, so use under clothing or onto the bottoms of the feet and out of the sun-exposed areas).

Nutmeg is a seed essence from Sri Lanka that is commonly prescribed as a pain reliever and sedative. She is also known as a spice and a Love potion in the Middle East. Nutmeg is anti-parasitic and helps with digestion, pain, sexual disharmonies, and enhancing dreams. She is a natural harmonizer that warms, opens, and calms the entire being so that one can imagine, create, and build in-sight into one's highest dreams. Anoint 5-10 drops onto the lower navel area to bring an awakening to the inner womb of our creations.

Nature, like our greatest imagination and biggest dreams, is infinite. Anoint with intention, dream big, use your imagination, and let go. Miracles are created through our inner world, beliefs, and pure workings of our imagination.

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