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Aromatherapy Share: Letting Go & Raising the Frequency Bar with Opoponax...

From Somalia, Opoponax gum resin comes from an evergreen tree in that can grow in extreme conditions. This "All Healing Vegetable Juice" is a harmonizing remedy for so many disharmonies in mind, emotion, and physical being. This week, we are focused on how we use our energy to let go of the sources of pain in our lives in order to follow our joy, and Opoponax is a wonderful ally that supports Trust and Faith in the Self.

When we are ready to let go of blaming others, shaming others, and putting our unhappiness on something outside of ourselves, Opoponax is ready to share her gifts with us. She supports our ability to be accountable for our own happiness while following the inner guide of the heart. Opoponax is the great supporter of releasing the inner fears of the past in order to embrace the present. Anoint 5-10 drops over the heart and sit and breathe into your being. It is time to let go of lower frequencies in order manifest our ultimate joy and happiness. Opoponax is the teacher of direction, and will hold our hands through the fires of life in order to help us find our way back to Truth and unconditional Love.

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