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Be Here Now..

Sitting in stillness within the cell walls of this temple, Contemplating life and the transcendental. There is a Christic Light that shines in every heart, To have the eyes to see that is the very start. Acceptance, surrendering the need to know, Where we are now is Divinely in the flow. As another master on Earth passes on to the Light, We learn from his wisdom and his soul shines bright. Love just to Love and forget the need to know why, We are dying to live instead of living to die. Be who you are, God pervades all time and space, See the best in everyone when you look at them face to face. In stillness of meditation you remember who you are, Physically here for a moment before returning to the stars. What truly matters at the end of each blessed day? Is it to be right and to make everything go your way? Or is Love the bottom line of Truth in the heart, Coming together in gratitude when the illusion falls apart? True to the Highest states of Loving without condition, Is the key to our health and happiness on this mission. Love each other and be grateful for this amazing day, Share your heart with who you Love in this sacred way. You never know when the master next to you will retire, Share your heart and your Love with all who inspire. Observe those around you with eyes that see the very best, Remain neutral, smile, and let your highest self express.


Walking Each Other Home...

Happy Holy-Days!  Whatever it is you celebrate or don't celebrate, this time of year holds so much sacred power because of the Solstice and Eclipse that arrive just in time for the New Year.  Inner harmony and healing is the deeper focus as we gather together to remember how grateful we are to have one another on this journey of the heart.  A few days ago, we lost a beautiful soul who's life mission was to Love.  Akaal for our brother Ram Dass!  The gift this Light BEing has shared in his time on Earth has been the realization that we are all here together learning how to Love.  We say it all of the time and teach these principals through various practices and traditions, but to truly live it is the test when you are near your Loved ones during times like these.  Let's face it, everyone has at least one person in their lives that challenges them.  We chose our family for this very reason.  But how do we get past something that is "unforgivable" in one's eyes?  

Humility is the "freedom from pride or arrogance".  When one is holding a grudge, there is some form of pride or arrogance present.  Either the anger comes from not being able to "prove one's point", or feeling that one has not been heard or able to share their side of the story.  As we see with politics, both sides can have right points and wrong points, but the so called "winner" is the one that can prove themselves to be superior.  This type of interaction will never find peace.  The problem with two sides is that it is unstable.  Either one has to be right while the other is wrong or visa versa.  There is always a third point that is unspoken.  There is a place where both sides are able to see their challenges and find a space to meet and talk.  This is where the healing can start to take place.  What is this third point for you? Between you and anyone and anything is space.  What you believe fills that space is what gives you the strength to move past it or to invite it in.  This space can be called Love, Wisdom, Truth, God, Life Force, or anything that acknowledges what we cannot see but can feel so deeply in our hearts.  This is the world of thought and feeling.  This is the substance that decides the quality of our breath and capacity to Love and live with an open heart.  What we think and feel define the quality of our lives.  During this week of a Solar Eclipse, the Moon will come between the Sun and the Earth.  In other terms, our emotional body will stand between our thoughts and our physical being to confront us on how we truly feel inside.  This is a golden opportunity to eclipse, or cut out, whatever we decide we don't want to feel inside any longer.  Have you been holding on to a grudge for many years?  Have you held toxic feelings inside that you have never expressed or dealt with in a healthy way?  If the answer is yes, then you can decide to let all of that go.  Be the silent observer of your own psyche.  Look at yourself from the inside without judgement.  Then make a conscious decision to change your language around the situation you are shifting.  Stop diving back into the old story with your words.  Create a new way to talk about it or stop talking about it altogether and move on from this lesson.  With conscious awareness and action, this lesson can find resolution in you.  Observe. Love.  Observe some more.  Love A Lot More.  Repeat... Enjoy and savor every moment with the Loved ones that are around you during the holy-days and during the every-days.  : )  These are your teachers, masters, and gurus that mirror who you are and create a platform for you to grow and expand from.  Every soul is a gift.  Every soul is a bright Light.  Be grateful for what you have, and be grateful for everything you do not have. We are so blessed!

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